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CNN’s horrific take on illegal immigrant murder of White student Laken Riley

Laken Riley CNN

Media Shame File

Outlet: CNN

Headline: Latino students at UGA face hostility after police say suspect in Laken Riley’s death is undocumented

Summary: Another revolting “minorities are the real victimsstory, this piece is despicable in every way, from the use of the word “undocumented” (anyone who uses this Orwellian term exposes themselves as pure evil), to the minimisation of the actual crime in order try to silence anyone who dares to highlight the fact that an innocent 22-year-old college student was senselessly and brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant. An illegal immigrant who wouldn’t be in the country if it wasn’t for outlets like CNN and activist journalists like Kaitlyn Schwanemann and Nicole Chavez constantly pushing for open borders. Not to mention that the mild alleged incidents of harassment and abuse reported by a handful of Latino students were probably made up.

CNN is never concerned with the fears or safety of White people and how much hostility they face from violent minorities who prey on them disproportionately, and will never hesitate to highlight race when it makes White people look bad, but when it comes to illegal immigrants murdering and disfiguring a young White women they think the police shouldn’t even mention the killer’s ethnicity or immigration status. It’s outrageous.

Key quote: “In the days after Riley’s death, Doblado said she felt unsafe walking alone as a woman. But then, as the news spread that the suspect in Riley’s killing was an undocumented Venezuelan migrant, Doblado said she became frightened for an entirely different reason.”

Subtext: “Your lives are less important than the feelings of a minority group”

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Media Shame File

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