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Queensland’s African diaspora “a community under siege”

Media Shame File

Outlet: The Guardian Australia

Headline: Queensland’s African diaspora “a community under siege” as teenager faces murder charge over fatal stabbing of 70-year-old

Summary: This is a beautiful article, because you’ll find no better example of the “minorities are the real victims” story that the media feels compelled to put out every time one of their pet immigrant groups does something horrendous. The Guardian, fresh from writing ‘invasion day’ guides and telling White Australians they should feel collective guilt for what their ancestors did, is now arguing that the “Sudanese diaspora” shouldn’t be collectively blamed for inflicting constant racially motivated violence upon their White Australian hosts. Norm Macdonald’s classic 2016 tweet comes to mind: “What terrifies me is if ISIS were to detonate a nuclear device and kill 50 million Americans. Imagine the backlash against peaceful Muslims?”

Key Quote: “The incident has stirred visceral reactions; an outpouring of grief in Brisbane’s outskirts. In some cases that grief has given way to vitriol – directed at people of African descent”

Subtext: “Nothing to see here. Immigrant crime is not a problem. Accept your replacement without a fight”

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Media Shame File

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