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The Noticer is proudly independent and self-funded – we have no wealthy backers or links to political parties. We publish unbiased news and thought-provoking opinion not found elsewhere, covering stories that are being ignored or minimised by other outlets. 

We insist on factual accuracy in both our news and opinion pieces.

Our mission is to print nothing but the truth.


We do not believe in censorship or political correctness, and therefore do not use language that has been developed or coopted to restrict free speech or thought.

We refer to people by the personal pronouns that match their biological sex.

We do not use Indigenous “dual names” for places such as Ayers Rock and Fraser Island.


We support free speech and aim to publish unedited and uncensored views, and provide a space for anonymous contributors.

The opinions of our contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the editors.


The Noticer acknowledges, honours and respects the traditions, accomplishments, wisdom, and sacrifice of our ancestors – conquerors, explorers, warriors, pioneers, settlers, colonists, builders, inventors, artists, scholars, and visionaries among them – whose collective efforts over centuries gave birth to our magnificent civilisation.


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- The Editors