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The Noticer does not recognise Indigenous ‘dual names’

The NSW Geographical Names Board today approved the “dual naming” of two locations near Byron Bay – Cape Byron and Julian Rocks.

The undemocratic imposition of dual Indigenous place names by anti-Australian politicians and rogue unelected bureaucrats inevitably leads to the virtual erasure of English names, or in the worst cases to official renaming.

The dual naming of Fraser Island in 2021, for example, led to the British Australian place name being dropped entirely just two years later.

In the case of Ayers Rock, the supposed Indigenous name for the landform was added in 1993, and then in 2002 the order of the dual names was reversed.

The rightful name Ayers Rocks is now almost never used, shunned by the corporate media and the federal government alike.

Parks Australia’s official media guide insists on the use of the Indigenous name, while the taxpayer-funded ABC tells staff to “avoid Ayer’s (sic) Rock unless in the context of specific historical reference”.

Elsewhere in the ABC style guide it is stated: “In many stories, it may be appropriate to use — or, potentially, offensive to exclude — Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander placenames that are not widely known by the public.”

The style guide refers to English names as “introduced names” and the ABC clearly does not care whether White Australians are offended by the broadcaster’s refusal to use the original English place names.

In order to counteract this flagrant anti-Australian bias in the rest of the media, Noticer News will not use any so-called Indigenous place names in our stories, except to report on them being added or removed, or in extremely rare cases for legal reasons or SEO purposes.

Please email the editors if you spot any unintentional examples of dual names in our stories and we will remove them promptly.

The Noticer acknowledges, honours and respects the traditions, accomplishments, wisdom, and sacrifice of our ancestors – conquerors, explorers, warriors, pioneers, settlers, colonists, builders, inventors, artists, scholars, and visionaries among them – whose collective efforts over centuries gave birth to our magnificent civilisation.

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