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All the woke and wasteful spending in Australia’s 2024 budget – billions for Aboriginals, immigrants and diversity

Labor Treasurer Jim Chalmers handed down the 2024 Budget yesterday, announcing a forecast surplus of $9.3billion for this financial year.

We already covered the disturbing immigration forecasts, but rather than look at the other details which have already been repeated by every corporate media outlet, Noticer News has made a short list of the most dubious spending decisions made by the Albanese government:

  • $2.4 billion for Aboriginals
  • $468.7 million to get the NDIS “back on track” (NDIS spending will be $48.8b in 2024-25, rising to $60b in 2028)
  • $1.5m to upgrade the brand-new Sydney “queer” museum that almost no-one visits
  • $144.3m in military aid for Ukraine (added to the more than $1 billion already given)
  • $13.2m on the Israel-Hamas conflict
  • $888.1m on mental health
  • $15m to teach immigrants about migration law
  • $1.8m for “skills assessments” for immigrants who want to work in construction
  • $3.8m to teach immigrants English
  • $86.6m on refugee and migrant resettlement
  • $27m for migrant youth, immigrant domestic violence victims, and Afghan resettlement
  • $38.2m to increase diversity in STEM education and industries
  • $6.8m for equity in sport
  • $9.6m on “gender-based violence”

We also note that the Budget papers included the warning “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this publication may contain images of deceased people” and featured an “acknowledgment of country” by Treasury.

Noticer News readers described the spending as “money down the drain”, “filthy, cynical and corrupt”, and “obscene boondoggles”, and asked how it was possible to spend so much on diversity: “How about needing 38+ million to increase diversity in STEM education and industries? What does that money do?”

One simply said: “They literally want to destroy this country”.

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