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News Corp’s real estate arm wants you to shut up about immigration


Outlet: (News Corp)

Headline: Why population growth isn’t to blame for rising property prices

Summary: This so-called news article by, which is run by REA Group, News Corp’s property business and pretty much the only profitable part of their struggling media empire, cites “research” by Propertyology, who call themselves a “property market analyst and buyer’s agency for investors” to conclude that, basic economics be damned, increasing the demand for housing doesn’t make prices go up.

Never mind that the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Treasurer, and the Opposition all say that immigration-fuelled population growth in pushing housing prices up.

Could it be that both REA Group and Propertyology want mass immigration to continue so that property prices and real estate listing keep increasing along with their profits? Of course not!

No conflicts of interest were declared in the article. They think you are that stupid.

Key Quote: “People think population growth is the most dominant factor influencing property market performance but it’s actually a very small one,” said Propertyology’s head of research Simon Pressley.

Subtext: “Keep the immigration floodgates open”

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