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Net-zero is not enough – millions must go

Net zero immigration not enough - millions must go

One Nation will extend its zero-net migration policy and focus on permitting only highly skilled migrants from culturally cohesive countries into Australia. Migrants must demonstrate a sound level of English for assimilation purposes

Pauline Hanson must be commended for pushing a net-zero immigration policy, in line with repeated polls going back years showing that large majorities of Australians think immigration is too high.

Unfortunately, her net zero goal does not solve the problem of the immigrants who are already here, many of whom have gained citizenship, and even if achieved could easily be undone by the next government which decided to reopen the floodgates.

As council elections in Australia and across the West have long shown, immigrants vote along ethnic and religious lines whereas native White people do not, resulting in local governments dominated by minority groups, who, of course, act mainly in their own interests, at the expense of everyone else. Why wouldn’t they?

Last week, for example, dozens of Muslim councillors were elected across the UK while running on pro-Palestine platforms. At least one screamed “Allah Akbar” after winning.

This prompted former Home Affairs minister Sir John Hayes to say: “I find it disturbing when you have people standing for election not because they care about making a contribution to building a better Britain, but because they are more interested in events overseas.”

The same has occurred in New South Wales, where Premier Chris Minns was recently forced to tell state Labor MPs in Muslim-dominated western Sydney seats to stop weighing in on foreign policy, which they have no influence over and were not elected to discuss.

Clearly there is a problem here that runs deeper than the current mass immigration disaster, one which net-zero will not fix.

So what can be done?

Well, as of the 2021 Census there were 7,029,262 overseas-born people in Australia, and 21,306,662 Australian citizens, out of a total resident population of 25,685,412. Three years on the population is estimated to be over 27 million.

By June 2023, the foreign-born population had risen by 1.2 million, and since then hundreds of thousands more immigrants have been allowed in.

In the year to June 2023, 192,947 people became citizens, including 40,361 Indians, the largest group by nationality.

What these figures show is that the bulk of the problem, the 5.5 million non-citizens (more than 17% of the population), is easily dealt with.

These people could have their visas cancelled overnight, which would instantly solve Australia’s housing crisis, ease congestion, and increase social cohesion.

Criminals dual citizens could also be forced to give up their Australian passports.

But even without a sudden and sweeping visa cancellation decision, it would be quite easy to motivate many of the foreign-born to leave voluntarily, with little to no impact on the lives of Anglo-Celtic Australians.

Here is a short list of measures that would be simple to implement and enjoy majority public support:

  • Close non-Christian religious institutions, schools and places of worship
  • Ban non-Christian religious garb, eg. the hijab, the kippah
  • Mandate the use of English only in all government departments and public services
  • Ban foreign ownership of property – current owners forced to sell
  • Ban the use of foreign languages by businesses in signs, menus, websites, language spoken at work, etc.
  • Ban the flying of foreign flags except at foreign embassies
  • End all government assistance for the foreign-born who have never worked or paid tax – no Medicare, no Centrelink
  • Shut down SBS and all other foreign language media, public and privately owned
  • Ban the celebration of foreign festivals and holidays
  • Ban Halal and Kosher food production
  • Ban remittances
  • Raise language requirements for universities to native English speaker Year 12 proficiency

This would result in millions of people who don’t belong in Australia leaving of their own accord, while enforcement could be self-funded by heavy fines for non-compliance along with the confiscation of property. It may even benefit the budget.

And as for the inevitable humans rights complaints, Covid showed that the government is more than willing to violate them for the common good, and that the average Australian simply does not care.

Our international reputation would take a battering, of course, but that would be desireable, as it would help stop future immigration for decades to come, just as the Cronulla anti-Lebanese protests have kept the Shire from being destroyed by diversity like the suburbs to its west.

Our country can be saved, but time is running out, and the longer we wait the harder it will be for us to take it back.

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