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Fed-up New Zealanders paint over rainbow crossing and vow to shut down drag queen story time event

Gisborne rainbow crossing painted over

Furious residents in the New Zealand city of Gisborne have blocked streets and painted over a large rainbow pedestrian crossing to protest the sexualisation of children through drag queen story hour events.

Videos from the scene show a large group of black-clad covering the “pride” crossing with black and white paint, while holding signs saying “why are R18 adult entertainers entertaining our kids?”

One woman addressed the camera and said the community has “had enough of the sexualisation of our children” and that they had given authorities an ultimatum on a drag queen event for kids at the city library set for Tuesday.

“We are making a stand today … we have the main street lit up like a rainbow … [so] we are painting, we are not tolerating this,” she said.

“We saying ‘not on our watch’, so we gave them until 5pm to cancel. We will be outside the library tomorrow, at 2pm, and we will make a big song and a big noise.”

She also asked whether the adult entertainers had been properly vetted by police to work with children.

In a separate clip one of the men painting over the rainbow crossing said: “We’ve had enough. Our mayor won’t listen to us, our councillors won’t listen, so sometimes you’ve got to do things for people to listen.

“We don’t want these transgender rainbows coming in to teach our children. We are parents. Enough is enough.”

Destiny Church and Freedoms NZ founder Brian Tamaki posted about the Gisborne event on Sunday, and urged opponents of the LGBT agenda to speak up.

“Let the Gisborne District Council know today that you are not happy about Erika & Coco Flash being paid to perform in your library at your ratepayers’ expense, as they promote the Trans/Gay/Drag lifestyle,” he said.

“The council has to honour the wishes of their residents…who will speak up the loudest? The Right or The Rainbow?”

Then after the crossing was painted over he shared a photo of the protest captioned: “In Gizzy, they have had enough and they are painting over the rainbow crossing.”

The Gisborne protest comes after a drag queen story hour in the New Zealand city of Dunedin went ahead despite opposition from angry locals.

At that event a “transgender male” drag queen Ann Arkii read a number of sexualised books to kids, including one about gay penguins that has been banned from schools around the world.

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