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What ‘social cohesion’ really means

Wakeley Sydney church terror attack riots

“There’s no place for violence in our community. There’s no place for violent extremism. We’re a peace-loving nation. I think one of the great strengths of Australia is our diversity, is the respect that we show each other. And I know that this is a time for us to unite as a community and as a country” – Anthony Albanese, April 16

All of a sudden journalists and uni-party politicians seem really concerned about “social cohesion”.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was asked twice about it by reporters during a press conference about the Wakeley church terror attack, allegedly carried out by a teenage Islamic terrorist, and the violent clashes between police and Middle Eastern Christians that followed and left 50 officers injured.

And earlier this month, after the killing of an Australian aid worker by the Israeli military, Mr Albanese declared:

“We have a multicultural nation here in Australia and we have communities – both the Jewish community is feeling traumatised, the Arabic and Islamic communities are feeling traumatised as well. And part of my job as Prime Minister is to support social cohesion. And that is what I intend to do”

Mr Albanese also said on December 25 that “Australia’s social cohesion is absolutely critical” when asked about Palestinian protesters who gatecrashed a Christmas Carols event.

In November, far-left open borders enthusiast (and Immigration Minister) Andrew Giles gave a speech to a pro-migration forum where he referred to a report by the Scanlon Foundation showing that social cohesion was the lowest on record.

“Each day, our social cohesion is affected by the impacts on Australians of the Israel-Hama conflict and daily images from Gaza,” he said, and went on to claim that “racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia hurt us all”.

The answer to the social cohesion problem, of course, according to Mr Albanese and Mr Giles in their statements from the same events, is to “stick together”, “come together” to “unite”, to “stand against hate”.

But it’s a little late for that.

As Dr Frank Salter from the British Australian Community points out, there are more than 100 studies showing that multiculturalism destroys social cohesion, and that far from being our strength as the prime minister mindlessly insists, diversity is our weakness.

These are the same people importing a record number of immigrants from around the world, who bring with them their ethnic and religious grievances.

The same people that wanted to alter our founding document and create a new arm of government for Aborigines.

The same people that allow far-left extremists and a bioleninist coalition of self-hating anti-White traitors, homosexual degenerates, Muslims who care more about Gaza than Australia, and Indigenous activists who want “the colony to fall” to march on Australia Day while arresting patriotic Aussies.

The same people that have replaced the formerly tight-knit and peaceful communities in the suburbs of Australia’s major cities with fractured ethnic enclaves where neighbours don’t trust each other and can’t communicate.

Wakeley Sydney churb terror attack riots
Licensed by The Noticer from Chriscoveries
Wakeley Sydney churb terror attack riots
Licensed by The Noticer from Chriscoveries

But since it’s clear that they don’t actually care about social cohesion, what do they mean when they use the phrase?

That’s obvious too when looking at the political responses to the alleged Islamist terror attack and Wakeley riots.

We saw Mr Albanese, his eSafety Commissioner, and NSW Premier Chris Minns call for a crackdown on social media posts, “mis/disinformation”, “hate speech”, and supposedly dangerous rhetoric.

In other words, they don’t want to address the root causes of the problem, they want to stop you talking about it.

As Dr Salter said after the outbreak of religious violence, our lack of social cohesion is the “fallout from their reckless policy of mass indiscriminate immigration” and is caused by “runaway ethnic diversity”.

Our beautiful Australian dream suburbs have become battlegrounds for warring foreigners who don’t respect our laws, but, according to our elected representatives, the real problem is you talking about it.

Because then you might get angry. Because then you might do something about it.

So what “social cohesion” really means is “accept your replacement” – don’t mention the war (in your suburbs)!

That’s why they are pushing for strict “misinformation” laws, that’s why they want to censor the internet, and that’s why they want to outlaw nationalism as “hate speech”.

It’s to outlaw dissent and create mandatory unity, enforced by state power.

So next time you hear them talk about social cohesion, don’t be fooled.

Because unless they are also suggesting remigration and closing the borders, it doesn’t mean “coming together”, it means silencing you.

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