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Reckless mass immigration is to blame for religious violence in Sydney, says Anglo-Celtic community group

An academic and researcher with an Anglo-Celtic advocacy group has criticised the political response to religous violence that erupted in Sydney after the alleged terrorist attack on a bishop by an Muslim teenager.

After the alleged stabbing thousands of young Middle Eastern Christians descended on the church, demanding police hand over the suspect, and clashing with officers. At the same time rumoured reprisal attacks caused members of the Islamic community to come out to “defend” local mosques.
Dr Frank Salter from the British Australian Community said on Tuesday that political leaders must accept that ethnic and religious tensions between different migrants groups in Sydney was a result of their own “reckless policy of mass indiscriminate immigration”.

Dr Salter condemned the act of terror and the attacks on police, saying authorities must examine why young Assyrian men turned on emergency services in the aftermath of the attack. Multiple officers were injuried in the rioting, and dozens of police vehicles damaged.

He added that he was concerned that NSW Premier Chris Minns decided to curtail free speech in an effort to reduce tensions by censoring supposedly misleading social media posts.

“Instead, Minns should have admitted that the runaway ethnic diversity afflicting Australia’s large cities is undermining social cohesion,” Dr Salter said.

“Anthony Albanese also commented on the stabbing and subsequent riot. He claimed that Australia is generally harmonious. The prime minister insisted that there is ‘no place’ for extremism in Australia

“He urged people not to take the law into their own hands. Mr Minns and Mr Albanese should know that reality often defies wishful thinking.

“The baleful effects of ethnic diversity are well confirmed by social science research. It is time that politicians began taking responsibility for the fallout resulting from their reckless policy of mass indiscriminate immigration.”

Wakeley riot church stabbing arrest NSW Police
NSW Police make their first arrest over alleged rioting that broke out in Wakeley (NSW Police)

The Australian goverment’s controversial eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant on Tuesday ordered Meta and X to remove video footage and photos of the alleged attack.

Social media users from Australia and abroad criticised the decision of Ms Inman Grant, who last month came under fire for demanding Canadian activist Billboard Chris remove an X post calling an influential female World Health Organisation policymaker a woman.

Melbourne journalist Rukshan Fernando wrote: “Censorship loving eSafety Office attempting to hide specific videos of terrorist attacks in Australia from the public.

“Considering there is even more violent videos available online of crimes, war and terrorism, seems like these requests are designed to keep Australians in the dark and the government in full control of the narrative around the incident. Disgusting.”

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