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Canadian activist slams biased article claiming he caused ‘online bullying’ by exposing Australia’s censorship overreach

Billboard Chris Julie Inman Grant

A Canadian activist has hit back at a far-left media outlet for claiming he caused an influential “transgender” policymaker to be bullied online by posting a notice from Australia’s eSafety Commissioner ordering X to take down one of his posts about her or be fined almost $800,000.

Billboard Chris, a campaigner against gender ideology, blasted The Guardian on Friday for an article headlined “Trans man bullied further after X shares takedown notice over alleged hate speech”.

The article referred to the controversy which erupted late last month when the Australian government’s online censorship czar, Julie Inman Grant, demanded X remove a post in which Billboard Chris called an Australian woman called Teddy Cook a woman.

His February X post shared a article on Ms Cook, a radical activist who advises the World Health Organisation on “transgender issues”, is an influential advocate for radical policies such as taxpayer-funded sex change surgeries, and who is into bondage, nudism and drugs.

Billboard Chris told Noticer News: “The inclusion of pronouns in the journalist’s bio reveals what’s really going on.

“This isn’t journalism. It’s activism.”

Along with “he/him” pronouns, the reporter also has rainbow emojis in his X and Instagram bios, and lists his location as “Naarm/Melbourne”, the former being an ahistorical name for the Victorian capital used by the far-left and anti-Australian Indigenous extremists.

Billboard Chris also shared the article on X, saying: “To reiterate, Teddy is a woman and it’s not hateful to say so.

“No one can force others to go along with a lie, and no person, organization, or government gets to redefine what it means to be a man or a woman.

“I will not play along with your delusions or participate with a cult which is maiming and sterilizing children.

“I hope Teddy lives a long and prosperous life, far away from any health authority determining proper care for children struggling with mental health issues.

“I also hope Teddy stops promoting bestiality, bondage, queer theory, and drugs.”

United Australia Party senator Ralph Babet replied: “Agreed. Well said.”

The Guardian article used far-left gender extremist terminology to refer to Ms Cook as a “trans man” along with biologically inaccurate pronouns, and provided no evidence for the claim in the headline and first paragraph that she has “faced more online bullying” since Billboard Chris shared the takedown notice.

Ms Cook is not quoted in the article, and in a post on Instagram on March 31 addressing the controversy she wrote that she was “the wellest, most thriving, connected and happy ever”.

That was almost a week after the notice was shared, and a day after X said it intended to file a legal challenge over Ms Inman Grant’s threat to fine the platform.

A day after that Ms Cook wrote another lengthy post sharing a fundraiser for her long-term lesbian partner, Kat Jones, who is having her breasts surgically removed.

On the crowdfunding page Ms Jones said she needs donations because she is a “‘lifelong renter since 17, next to nothing in my super, non-citizen and my income is not stable enough to get a bank loan”.

“My ability to earn a living never fully recovered from the FBI seizing Backpage in 2018,” she wrote. Backpage was a US prostitution website shut down for the faciliation of prostitution and sex trafficking, including of minors.

She also claimed that stress from postponing her “top surgery” has resulted in “the most debilitating dysphoria I have ever experienced”.

Ms Cook wrote: “When I undertook gender affirming surgeries, I accessed my super and ate beans, I don’t want that for Kat so I’m sharing this.”

Teddy Cook Billboard Chris Julie Inman Grant

Teddy Cook (Instagram)

The eSafety Commissioner’s Adult Cyber Abuse manager told X in a March 22 letter that Billboard Chris’s post, which is now blocked in Australia but has not been removed by the platform, must be taken down or a fine of up to $782,500 would be issued.

The letter also contained a screenshot of the X post, which the eSafety Commissioner claimed was likely to be “intended to cause serious harm to the Complainant”.

“This is because the Material misgenders the Complainant and reiterates that this point is deliberate, which is likely intended to invalidate and mock the Complainant’s gender identity,” the notice read.

“The Material also contains a statement that implicitly equates transgender identity with a psychiatric condition. This statement is deliberately degrading and suggests that all transgender people – and in this case the complainant in particular – have something that is ‘wrong’ about their psychology owing to their gender identity.”

The X post read: “This woman (yes, she’s female) is part of a panel of 20 ‘experts’ hired by the @WHO to draft their policy on ‘trans people.’

Julie Inman-Grant Australia eSafety Commissioner
Australia’s eSafety Commissioner is an American, Julie Inman Grant, and is paid almost $445,000 a year (

“People who belong in psychiatric wards are writing the guidelines for people who belong in psychiatric wards”.

Billboard Chris told Noticer News at the time: “I stand by everything I said.

“A woman who thinks she’s a man — and who promotes queer theory, bestiality, and bondage — has no place writing guidelines for the health of individuals struggling with mental illness.

“The eSafety Commissioner has ignored threats of violence and threats of sexual violence towards women on this platform.

“It seems the way to get Julie Inman Grant’s attention is to claim victimhood through a trans identity, no matter how depraved that individual may be.”

He also explained on X why he would not be taking the tweet down: “I do not hold that woman in contempt for her transgender identity, because I maintain that gender identities do not exist. We are called males and females, and that’s that.”

He said it was a statistical likelihood that Ms Cook has psychiatric conditions, and that it was his opinion that she should not be writing WHO guidelines for others with similar mental health conditions.

esafety commissioner X removal notice Teddy Cook Billboard Chris

esafety commissioner X removal notice Teddy Cook Billboard Chris

esafety commissioner X removal notice Teddy Cook Billboard Chris

esafety commissioner X removal notice Teddy Cook Billboard Chris

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