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Conservatives are to blame for Australia’s diversity disaster, academic says – but the damage can be undone

Frank Salter diversity

An Australian academic has argued that conservatives are to blame for the dominance of the far-left across the West, but says there is a way that the disasters of mass immigration and multiculturalism can be reversed.

Dr Frank Salter, an academic and researcher from the British Australian Community, told New Zealand radio host Dieuwe de Boer that since the 1970s “so-called conservatives have failed to ratchet back” changes made by left-wing governments.

“They accept radical changes to immigration policy, to ethnic relations … but just cool it down a little bit,” Dr Salter said during a wide-ranging interview with Mr de Boer on Reality Check Radio this week.

He called conservative prime ministers Malcolm Fraser and John Howard “disasters” who created hostile foreign minorities in Australia, said today’s centre-right leaders had no serious ideas or sensible policies, and argued that as a result “we’ve been defeated”.

“The multicultural political forces basically have subordinated Anglo-Celtic Australia – we’re at the bottom of the pecking order – and we’re suffering the consequence: We’re now being colonised in our own country,” he said.

“People accuse us of being the colonisers, but we’re being colonised now, and we need to get our priorities straight.

“For example, we need to getting our priorities straight regarding diversity. Is diversity our strength? No, it’s our overwhelming weakness. Diversity is a weakness, it undermines social cohesion.”

Dr Salter pointed to about 100 academic studies that show ethno-linguistic diversity is a weakness, and warned that if it goes too far it can lead to societal collapse and civil war.

“What’s happening now is a reckless experiment based on the suppression of the majority ethnic group in Australia,” he said.

Dr Salter said the solution was for the majority to wield a “democratic stick” to put pressure on weak politicians, judges and the media.

“We need our own lobbies, and they can’t be parties,” he said.

“They need to be there for the majority ethnic group, it needs to be ethnically based … that’s the only language [those in power currently] understand.”

He also argued that the best way to counter the left-wing domination of institutions was by building new parallel structures or repurposing existing ones.

The ABC, Australia’s taxpayer funded broadcaster, for example, should be turned into a patriotic nationalist pro-Australian outlet, he said, rather than defunded like many conservatives suggest.

Mr de Boer told Noticer News he enjoyed hosting Dr Salter on his show.

“I appreciated the way Dr Salter is able to take these very difficult subjects around ethnicity and genetics and present them in a very reasonable and accessible way,” he said.

“I’ve had lots of positive feedback about his work and that of the BAC by British New Zealanders, many of whom are starting to look for a similar community lobby group on our side of the Tasman to advocate for their interests.”

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