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High-ranking US Navy commander is unmasked as paedophile shot dead in police sting

Seattle, Washington – The identity of a paedophile justifiably shot dead on viral video last week has been unmasked as a retired US Navy Commander who once served at the controversy-laden Guantanamo Bay prison complex.

The now-deceased suspect—who was shot dead after he drew a handgun on Seattle police during an undercover paedophile sting—was identified through a coroner’s report via the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The document suggests 67-year-old Bruce Coval Meneley, a doctor and retired US Navy Captain who served under President Bush and Obama during the Global War on Terror (GWOT), attempted to engage in sexual activities with two underage girls at a Double Tree Hotel in Tukwila.

The incident first made headlines last week when members of the Seattle Police Department and the statewide Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force conducted a sting set up specifically to arrest a man planning to meet two sisters, aged 7 and 11, for sex. Police-worn body camera footage captured the harrowing moments when multiple officers moved to arrest a man believed to be Meneley.

The man, whose face is obscured in the footage, can be seen on the other end of the hotel door. When confronted by police, he can then be seen withdrawing a handgun from within his tan-colored jacket, which suddenly fired. The bullet was said to have hit an officer in the leg, prompting an appropriate response by law enforcement.

By the end of the video, dozens of rounds were fired in return by a total of up to two different officers. Meneley was declared dead at the scene.

The coroner report indicated that Meneley died as a result of gunshot wounds, and was ruled a homicide. Officers Adam Fowler and Nick French were named by The Seattle Times as the officers responsible for putting down the suspect. They have been placed on administrative leave, as is customary for officer-involved shootings.

Incoming Commander, U.S. Naval Hospital and Joint Task Force Joint Medical Group, Guantanamo Bay Capt. Bruce Meneley (centre) makes his way to the Bayview Club patio for the change of command ceremony (US Navy)
Captain Bruce Coval Meneley (retired) was under investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force after he visited with an undercover cop with the intention of paying to sleep with two underage girls. He was later killed when his own firearm discharged over the course of a struggle with police. Collage: Justice Report

As an O-6 in the United States Navy, Meneley served as the head of the medical staff at Guantanamo Bay, a position dutifully carried out under the Bush and Obama administrations. Reports maintained by the US Department of Defense indicate he served in the military from 1986 to 2016 and once fielded the “Role 3 multinational hospital” at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan.

Meneley commanded medical staff at the infamous Guantanamo Bay Prison camp from 2007 to 2009. As the unit’s leader, it was his job to see to the wounds of Muslim prisoners accused of terror during the controversial invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. This appears to have included victims of extrajudicial torture at the hands of US intelligence agencies, and those who submit to voluntary hunger strikes.

report by the New York Times stated that Meneley found dealing with Guantanamo inmates “difficult” as torture—officially labeled “abusive tactics” by the federal government—would often make victims unreceptive to medical attention after sessions had concluded. A task force report would cite Meneley as the official in charge of approving the force-feeding of non-compliant inmates in restraint chairs, a practice which was said to have been done in full view of other prisoners.

In 2009—the final year of Meneley’s tenure at Guantanamo—10% of all inmates were being force-fed in this manner. By the end of the Global War on Terror, Zionist meddling overseas is believed to have resulted in the deaths of over 4.5 million people since 9/11.

After retiring, the 67-year-old Meneley is believed to have lived in a two-million-dollar mansion in Tukwila. Police first discovered Meneley’s sexual proclivities after he had met an undercover agent who pretended to be a mother selling her children for sex.

Chief Adrian Diaz of the Seattle Police Department asserted that, between 2022 and 2023, the number of abhorrent crimes targeting minors on the internet increased by a stark 67%.

The gunshot killing of a high-ranking Navy man during a sanctioned pedophile bust would not be the first time America’s fleet has sustained a blow to its rapidly diminishing prestige. In June of 2023, a Navy Chief Petty Officer—identified as 38-year-old Daniel Alan Puff of Virginia Beach—was sentenced to 17 years in prison for attempting to pay a 13-year-old girl for sexual favours.

In June of 2021, a different Navy man—this time identified as 37-year-old Brandon Culp of Tacoma, Washington—was sentenced to 90 months in prison and 15 years of supervised release for possession of more than 800 files containing child sexual abuse material. According to a statement by the US Attorney’s Office, Culp was a convicted sex offender, stemming from an earlier case when he was dishonorably discharged from the armed forces for using a Navy computer to access CSAM on the clock.

The United States Navy’s power and prestige came under additional scrutiny after one of its most prestigious naval bases was forced to build a wall around its perimeter to deter racial violence. According to reports, the Naval Construction Battalion Center—the base responsible for housing the Atlantic Fleet’s decorated Navy “Seabees”—was forced to erect the barrier in order to physically block gunshots emanating from a lawless Black housing project across the street.

This article originally appeared on The Justice Report, and is republished by The Noticer with permission.

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