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Australian state media reviews ‘genderqueer’ comedians

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Outlet: ABC (Australia)

Headline: After Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda, we take a look at some of Australia’s up-and-coming genderqueer comedians

Summary: According to its own editorial policies, Australia’s national broadcaster is supposed to be impartial. But even if the ABC didn’t insist on using biologically inaccurate personal pronouns and endorsing far-left gender ideology, pieces like this would still be out of place because no far-right equivalents are ever published for balance.

What we get instead is an endless stream of radical leftist propaganda, unclearly marked and mixed in with news. This article is not clearly not news and it’s not marked as opinion, but to be charitable we’ll consider it to be a review, albeit a terribly written one (read it – you’ll laugh at how bad it is) that normalises left-wing extremism.

Just this week Australia’s politicians told us we have to let them censor the internet because “damaging content” is out there for kids to see. How about starting with this damaging content that no child should ever read?

Key quote: “As a queer, disabled, first-generation Colombian Chilean comedian, actor and drag king, I rushed to watch Gender Agenda as soon as I could.”

Subtext: “All of this is normal, nothing to see here, being ‘genderqueer’ is cool and funny”

After Hannah Gadsby's Gender Agenda, we take a look at some of Australia's up-and-coming genderqueer comedians

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