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Our leaders are doped-up crybabies

Anthony Albanese is too mentally weak to cope with memes or social media comments, and regularly cries in public.

His predecessor Scott Morrison has admitted spending much of his prime ministership doped up on anti-anxiety medication.

Malcolm Turnbull, PM before him, had suicidal thoughts after losing the Liberal Party leadership.

Would you follow these men into battle? Do they inspire you? Do you aspire to be like them? Would you die for them? Would they die for you?

For the vast majority of Australian men, the answer to all of these questions, of course, is a resounding no – meaning they are not fit to lead.

And their mental (and physical) weaknesses should have disqualified them from office in the first place.

Mr Morrison’s revelation that he was under the influence of powerful pharmaceutical drugs during his time as Prime Minister should cause alarm, as his decision-making could not have been unaffected.

Remember, this is a man who, with characteristic weakness, allowed Australia’s state premiers to impose some of the world’s most draconian and damaging Covid lockdowns, spent billions on untested mRNA vaccines now linked to cancers, and oversaw human rights violating mandates, some of which still persist today.

Now he claims that his story, in his new book, is “is intended to encourage others and normalise and de-stigmatise” mental health issues.

So why did he not disclose his psychological struggles to the Australian public at the time?

This is an outrage and a national scandal – the most powerful man in our country was, in his own words, debilitated by inescapable anxiety and on the brink of serious depression.

Yet, as we were banned from gyms and forced to stay home, wear masks, miss the funerals of our loved ones and get injected with an experimental drug in order to keep our jobs, we were not informed.

Is Mr Albanese also under the influence of anti-depressants or benzodiazepines? These are potent, mind-altering drugs that change the way the brain and body work and cause serious psychological side effects.

Is that why he bursts into tears while speaking to Aborigines, while ignoring the cultural and demographic destruction his mass immigration policy is wreaking on Australia? Or why he’s so lacking in strength and confidence that he can’t stand to read critical comments or allow mocking memes?

The Australian public must demand to know, and if it does turn out that he’s leading the country in an SSRI stupor, his party should remove him from office and replace him with a clear thinker.

Mental illness should not be “normalised” or “de-stigmatised” as Mr Morrison seems to think.

We should not accept any kind of weakness or vulnerability in our leaders – they should be the best of us, superior to the average man in as many ways as possible, with the mental strength to deal with the worst of crises.

Anything less is a betrayal, and yet another damning indictment of liberal democracy.

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