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American podcaster ‘saddened’ by street interviews with young Australians about OnlyFans

An American podcaster who interviewed young Australians about OnlyFans has described their responses as simultaneously funny and “saddening”.

Elijah Schaffer, who hosts the Slightly Offensive podcast on, went out at 4am in Brisbane to ask revellers in the city’s lively Fortitude Valley neighbourhood what they they thought of making adult content or buying a subscription.

“The answers are both hilarious and somewhat saddening at the same time,” Schaffer said in his description of the experience.

“Society has definitely taken a different direction in the last 30 years, and we aren’t sure it’s a good one.”

Many of the young people Schaffer interviewed used personal pronouns that did not correspond to their biological sex, several reported being estranged from a parent or parents due to their lifestyles, and one reported being a teacher and asexual and said she made adult content as a secondary source of income.

One tall male in a dress and high heels who said his name was Aurora Arsenic claimed to be making an average of about $4000 a month on OnlyFans.

“It’s a really good way to make daily content, just like whatever you want, but then also make your extra money doing on-demand,” he said.

He later declared: “Sex work is work”.

Another man who said he “grew up in a queer environment” and had lesbian parents said he spent $20 a week on subscriptions, while two young women told Schaffer that they made $600 in two days and $2000 in two weeks respectively, but claimed to “not do it anymore”.

One said she had never met her father so if he subscribed to her OnlyFans it would be “paying child support”, but her friend said her dad was her biggest supporter.

Some of the descriptions of acts the interviewees said they performed for their OnlyFans subscribers were too explicit to publish.

Schaffer’s YouTube audience responded to the video with comments like “Thank God America isn’t the only country that’s going bat shit crazy”.

“This goes to prove that society and the education system has completely failed our kids,” said another.

“Absolutely the most nauseating outcome of feminism and the divorce industry,” read another highly liked comment.

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