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Anti-grooming protesters confronted by foul-mouthed teacher at ‘drag queen story hour’ in Perth

A group of anti-grooming protesters have filmed the moment they were confronted by a foul-mouthed library-goer at a “drag queen story hour event” in Perth, Western Australia.

The High Energy Australian Nationalists held up a sign saying “stop grooming our kids” and waved an Australian flag outside the building where the council-sponsored Rainbow Story Time event featuring a drag queen called Prism was being held on Thursday.

In the video posted to X a woman can be seen emerging from the building with two young children and saying “Oh for fuck’s sake, what is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with you?” one of the protesters says as she walks away.

“You need to educate yourself,” the woman replies after turning back to confront the man.

“Why would you come out swearing in front of children? That’s horrible behaviour,” the demonstrator says.

During the lively conversation that ensured the woman claimed she was not at the library to attend the “drag queen story hour”, but said she “would go”, and declared she was a teacher before storming off.

Prism is a drag performer with a history of social media posts that are too sexually explicit to publish.

Several similar events were cancelled across Australia 2023 after protests from concerned Christian and community groups and parents who did not want their children exposed to sexualised adult performers, mirroring a global backlash against LGBT performances aimed at kids.

Kirralie Smith from Binary Australia told media outlets: “Nothing ‘sexual’ should ever be promoted to children.

“Drag Queens are male performers making a mockery of hypersexualised female stereotypes.

“If adults want to watch them perform they can do so at adult bars and clubs.”

But despite community concerns drag queen-hosted readings for children continue to go ahead around Australia, with one scheduled to be held at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium on February 17 hosted by a “drag storyteller” called Mulan.

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