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Canadian anti-child mutilation activist abused by an aggressive transgender extremist who smashed his phone to the ground in Melbourne

A Canadian anti-child mutilation activist has been harassed and abused and had his phone and audio equipment smashed to the ground by a man claiming to be a woman in Melbourne.

Billboard Chris, who travels the world campaigning against gender ideology, was at the University of Melbourne on Tuesday wearing a signboard reading “children cannot consent to puberty blockers” when the ugly incident occured.

Video posted by Billboard Chris showed him in conversation with two men when another male wearing a dress approached and knocked his equipment from his tripod while yelling “scumbags”.

“Some dysfunctional trans-identified person just came and smashed my phone down,” Billboard Chris said as he walked after the man, after asking others to call the police.

Billboard Chris then approached the man, who also had a dog on a lead and said to him “transphobes can suck my dick”.

The activist asked “So why the violence?” and the man responded by asking “what violence?” and declaring that “the actual violence is the institutional transphobia that goes on across the world”.

The pair then debated Billboard Chris’s sign about puberty blockers, which the activist said he opposed because they sterilise children.

“Did you know that once you cease taking puberty blockers that your fertility returns? That’s true, because I’m on those puberty blockers, I was one of those children,” the man said.

“Would you like to read the consent forms from the children’s hospitals where it says right on there that they’re sterilising them? Have you read the Cass review?” Billboard Chris responded, referring to a UK report warning against the use of puberty blockers and hormones.

Billboard Chris told Noticer News he felt sorry for the angry young man.

“This young man, aggressive as he was, is still the victim of an ideologically captured, corrupt medical system,” he said.

“Instead of helping him for his mental health difficulties, he was affirmed as being born in the wrong body. He was put on puberty blockers as a child. They clearly haven’t made him a happy, well-adjusted adult.

“Whatever other treatment he has received has also not helped. He has been lied to and given drugs to further entrench those lies. Nothing about what has been done to him is a kindness.”

The video also shows the man accusing Chris of being an American and a “fucking foreigner”, an “imperialist”, a “capitalist” and ranting that child protective services “take away black children”.

Billboard Chris also revealed on Thursday that his appeal of the Australian eSafety Commissioner’s order to remove an X post calling an influential female World Health Organisation policymaker a woman has been accepted by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, ordered X to take down the post for be fined almost $800,000, sparking legal challenges from X and Billboard Chris, and a global debate on social media censorship.

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