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Undetected boat carrying 30 Pakistani illegal immigrants lands in small Australian town

A group of about 30 Pakistani boat people have landed in the remote community of Beagle Bay in Western Australia.

The illegal immigrants were found on the beach, 100km north of Broome, on Friday morning, and made their way to the town’s main street after arriving undetected during the night.

Local resident Adrian told ABC News the men looked in good health.

“They were well-dressed, pretty fit, wearing jeans and shirts,” he said.

“They’re in a park opposite the shop — it’s created a bit of fuss. There’s a crowd gathered to watch them.”

The 30 men were given water by locals and took shelter under gazebos on the town’s main street (supplied)

Photos show the men gathered under shade pavilions in the park, and Adrian said they had been given water from a local store.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) is en route to Beagle Bay to investigate the arrival, which Beagle Bay Futures Indigenous Corporation chairperson Henry Augustine believes happened during the night.

“I heard around midnight they were walking, following the road, and someone brought them into the community,” he said.

Mr Augustine said the arrival highlighted the need for better border security.

“[There’s a] concern whether there’s any sickness or things like that coming in, or a threat to our community,” he said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told ABC News he had not been informed about the boat’s arrival, but said “boats that arrive in that fashion … we have policies in place that ensure they are dealt with”.

The last vessel to arrive landed near Truscott Airbase, also on a remote part of the West Australian coast, in November, and were picked up by locals before being apprehended by the ABF.

That group of 12 arrived from Indonesia, and the ABF refused to say whether they were fisherman or asylum seekers.

Coalition Home Affairs spokesman James Paterson said at the time it was “alarming” that the boat was able to reach the Australia coast undetected.

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