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Free speech platform Rumble knocks heavily censored YouTube out of live-stream Top 5

Anti-censorship video platform Rumble has knocked Big Tech rival YouTube out of the top five live streams in the United States, dominating as Donald Trump held a press conference about his guilty verdict.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski announced the result on Friday, writing on X: “Earlier today Rumble dethroned YouTube from being in the top 5 livestreams. We wiped the floor clean and took all 5 spots ourselves.

“Best part, we’re only getting started.”

Data from Streams Charts showed that the top five streams as Mr Trump addressed the media were conservative commentator Dan Bongino with 204,000 live viewers, followed by the offical Trump channel, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Bannons War Room run by former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, and conservative commentator Steven Crowder.

Rumble was founded by Mr Pavlovski in 2013, and is growing in popularity due to Big Tech censorship that has forced conservative and right-wing content creators off major platforms such as YouTube.

Australian-based American media personality Elijah Schaffer revealed in a livestream with White advocate Joel Davis on his Slightly Offensive show on Saturday that YouTube regularly removed his videos, and urged his followers to watch and subscribe on Rumble instead.

“I guarantee you this show is going to get pulled from YouTube,” Schaffer said early in the stream.

Later in the show, as the pair analysed a video of a Muslim knifeman stabbing an anti-Islam campaigner in Mannheim, Germany, Schaffer said simply playing the clip was likely to get his channel penalised by YouTube.

“When this stream is done we’re going to have to delete this immediately off YouTube or we’re going to get a massive strike for the violence,” he told his producer, “strike” referring to penalties given by Big Tech platforms that can result in demonetisation, restricted reach and account deletion.

“Thank God for Rumble and Censored[.tv] for allowing us to show Muslims acting like Muslims.”


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