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Mannheim Muslim stabbing sums up everything going wrong in the West

From reading the headlines today, the Mannheim stabbing seems like just another Muslim attack on White Europeans.

But there’s a lot more to this one than meets the eye.

Leaving aside how disgusting it is that violence carried out by Islamic invaders has become normalised to the point where it barely raises eyebrows, this latest incident exposes deeper problems, summing up everything going wrong with the west, and raising questions we must start to ask and answer if we want to survive.

Video of the knife attack on anti-Islam activist Michael Stürzenberger and other members of his Pax Europa group in Mannheim, south-west Germany, on Friday, shows the assailant, reportedly a 25-year-old Afghan immigrant, plunging his knife into several people before being pulled away from one man who was stabbed in the leg.

The police, who were presumably nearby to monitor the “far-right” group as Mr Stürzenberger is known to be under constant surveillance by the domestic intelligence service, rushed to intervene, but the live-streamed footage shows a male officer restrain one of the victims instead of the knifeman while a female cop froze in the background. Another was seen running away.

The male officer who misidentified the threat was then stabbed twice in the back before another policeman shot the attacker.

Belgian nationalist Dries Van Langenhove summed up the scene perfectly with a photo of the moment the officer was stabbed, which he captioned:

“A police officer is stabbed in the back by a migrant Muslim terrorist as he restrains a peaceful European nationalist whom he mistook to be the real threat, as this is what his training and media told him. This image is a good summary of police and justice departments in Europe.”

At this point the problems and solutions should be obvious, and I won’t insult the intelligence of the readers of The Noticer by spelling out what must be done, but here is a list of questions everyone should be asking, all the time:

  • Why are there Muslims in Mannheim?
  • Why were the police focused on the peaceful native Germans before and during the attack?
  • Why are nationalists (people who love their countries more than anyone else) being targeted by their own security services and intelligence agencies?
  • Why have we tolerated two decades of Islamic terror?
  • Why are we supposed to accept immigrant violence?
  • Why are our police forces trained to see us as the threat?
  • Why are our police forces run by people who hate us?
  • Why are there so many female cops?
  • Why does the media refuse to cover any of this?
  • Why does the media focus on “racism” instead?
  • Why are we banned from talking about it?
  • How does any of this benefit us?

We all know the answers to these questions, and many more, but what is more important at the moment is asking them, over and over again. Don’t let these issues be ignored by the masses who would much prefer not to think about them.

We are being replaced in our own countries, preyed upon by the foreigners taking over our towns, loaded with the financial burden of dealing with the violence and chaos that they bring, and then targeted by the police, the media and the surveillance state if we speak up about it.

But speak up we must, and the least you can do is ask these questions whenever you can, as loudly and clearly as you can, because the answers show us the way.

And if we don’t this will go on and on, and get worse and worse, until we lose our countries completely and our people go extinct.

Female cop runs away during Mannheim Muslim stabbing attack
A female cop runs away during the Mannheim Muslim stabbing

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