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Police harass young hikers for carrying German flags – after thousands of Muslim extremists were allowed to march through Hamburg

German police descended on a small group of patriotic hikers after they were reported for carrying the national flag, just a week before thousands of Islamic extremists were allowed to march through Hamburg calling for a Sharia caliphate.

On April 21 about 20 young Germans joined a hike to Windebyer Noor in Schleswig-Holstein organised by Junge Alternative, the youth wing of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party, where they carried flags and sang folk songs.

But halfway through the hike the group were stopped by police who took their personal details, called their display of the German flag “unusual”, and accused them of making Hitler salutes and putting up stickers, Freilich reported.

(Junge Alternative Ostküste – X)
(Junge Alternative Schleswig Holstein)

“The police were very critical of us and were surprised that people were traveling with the German flag today,” said one of the organisers, the chairman of JA East Coast, who described the police operation as an attempt at political intimidation.

Another member of the group said the hike continued without further incident.

“The mood was cheerful despite the police, there were lively discussions, further activities were planned and the day ended at the barbecue” he said.

Police confirmed to Freilich that officers responded to reports of “criminal conduct”, but would not whether carrying German flags and singing patriotic songs could be considered in violation of the law.

The next Saturday, police in nearby Hamburg allowed thousands of Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar and calling for an Islamic caliphate to walk through the streets, many holding fundamentalist flags.

Demonstrators held posters saying “caliphate is the solution” and called for the introduction of Sharia law in Germany.

The march was organised by an extremist group called Muslim Interaktiv, which rejects democracy and is officially banned.

Austrian nationalist activist Martin Sellner, who has also been banned from Germany for calling for remigration of immigrants who refuse to assimilate or who commit crimes, said groups such as Muslim Interaktiv were able to grow because the state was focused on repressing right-wing organisations instead.

“They can use all kinds of social media, while even right-wing politicians and almost every patriotic activist in Germany is constantly being blocked,” he wrote on X.

“The system in Germany works like an autoimmune disease. Indigenous patriots who want migration reform and fight Islamisation are being brutally persecuted. Foreign extremists can do what they want and receive subsidies.

“The German system is helping foreign hostile groups to grow unrestricted. They are allowed to have a distinct identity and in-group preference. At the same time it is illegal to say ‘everything for Germany’. If you say a German people exists, the secret police puts you on a black list.

“You should keep that in mind when you wonder about German politics. There is no other country in the world where patriotism is so strongly persecuted. The repression is massive. It is a small wonder that the AfD is still in first place among young people. Germany is not yet lost!”

Mr Sellner was referring to a recent poll showing that 22% of Germans aged between 14 and 29 support the AfD, making the right-wing party the most popular among that age group.

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