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White advocate clashes with liberal political activist in heated debate on diversity and nationalism

Joel Davis Drew Pavlou Elijah Schaffer

Australian nationalist Joel Davis and political activist Drew Pavlou faced off in a fiery debate about diversity that lasted almost four hours.

Davis and Pavlou went head to head on American podcaster Elijah Schaffer‘s livestreamed Slightly Offensive show on Saturday afternoon on the question “is diversity our strength?”

Davis, who describes himself as a White advocate, began by arguing that diversity simply means fewer White people and anti-Whiteness, and paradoxically ends up making every country the same, resulting in a less diverse world.

Pavlou, best known for his anti-Chinese Communist Party activism, responded by saying he believes in individualism, liberal democracy and human rights, and accused Davis of wanting to “execute hundreds of millions of people”.

The pair went back and forth over several issues, with Davis insisting his views were in line with Australia’s first 16 Prime Ministers who were all White nationalists, and Pavlou arguing that anyone can be Australian regardless of race or ethnicity.

In one heated exchange Pavlou described Davis as “essentially White ISIS” after Davis said that Pavlou’s belief that all races should be able to live together in harmony was a “utopian fantasy” and that he would fight to stop Australians being replaced in their own country.

Joel Davis Drew Pavlou Elijah Schaffer debate

Pavlou said in his closing statement: “I identify as an Australian, I believe that I am just as much an Australian as Joel.

“An idea that is important is that all humans have a moral value, moral worth, they shouldn’t be reduced down to skin colour or their racial background … I don’t care where somebody comes from as long as they believe in Australia.

“All human beings in Australia should be treated with equal moral value, equal moral worth and all people should be free from tyranny, violence, discrimination, persecution.”

Davis replied that if, as Pavlou claimed, anyone could identify as Australian, then it was a meaningless category.

“The problem with Drew’s worldview, is that he says all humans are of equal worth,” he said.

“So if all humans are of equal worth, then what does it mean to be Australian? Because then what’s the difference between an Australian and someone who lives in another country?

“At that point we have no point of determination, we just arbitrarily live in this geographical and political area and they live in another? Why even have separate countries, why not amalgamate all the countries into one world government?”

Davis said that this was why liberal democracy is the preferred ideology of globalists, and has the same results everywhere.

“[Pavlou] doesn’t actually love Australia, he loves liberal democracy … an ideology that says it doesn’t matter if you’re Australian or not, everyone has equal value.

“I think Australia should be built on the idea that Australian have more value than non-Australians, that’s really the essence of having a country.”

A feisty interactive session followed with Schaffer reading questions from viewers.

At one point he was forced to tell Pavlou not to be homophobic, while at another Pavlou described Davis as “disgusting” for using “offensive” language.

However, the pair did commend each other for being willing to debate, and shared some light-hearted banter throughout in between their more aggressive exchanges.

Livestreamer Chriscoveries responded afterwards by congratulating Pavlou on taking part.

“Unlike others I think Drew Pavlou was great to go on this debate with Joel Davis!” he wrote on X.

“Call him whatever names you want. Ridicule his arguments. He had the guts to go on and advocate for his beliefs.”

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