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Anger over school holidays drag queen story hour event at library in Adelaide: ‘Toxic rubbish’

Fury is building over a school holidays “drag queen story hour” event aimed at children at an Adelaide library later this month, with some locals calling for protests.

The Salisbury Community Hub Library is hosting the all ages show at 10am on Monday July 15, hosted by a crossdressing man going by the stage name Fifi LaDouche.

The male performer, who has a photo of himself on his Facebook page standing next to a naked man in high heels holding his genitals in a homosexual nightclub, is scheduled to read two children’s books at the event – Chicken Divas and Just the Way We Are.

Chicken Divas attempts to normalise crossdressing in its portrayal of two chickens in “drag”, while Just the Way We Are is a far-left propaganda book about children in “diverse” multi-racial and homosexual households.

One social media user wrote in response: “This needs to be protested”.

One Nation South Australian Legislative Council member Sarah Game also wrote to local ministers last month with concerns about the event.

“Numerous people have voiced their opinions that shows with adult themes, such as drag acts, are inappropriate for young audiences and that public funds shouldn’t be used for such events,” she wrote, before going on to request information about the allocation of taxpayer funds.

“Well done Sarah for attempting to put a stop the this toxic radical leftist rubbish. Shame on any ‘parents’ who attend this crap with their children. Shame on the libraries for hosting, shame on the security that protect it and shame on the police who defend it,” wrote one of her X followers.

“Thanks for drawing the line in the sand on this Sarah. Drag story time pushes ridiculous gender propaganda and is entirely inappropriate for children. We don’t need ambassadors for radical queer ideology in our libraries. Save it for night club performances with adult audiences,” said another.

The event comes after a homosexual film night marketed at children as young as 12 sparked outrage in the town of Albury, on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, last month, and led to a large protest by a right-wing activist group.

A similar drag queen story hour event organised for February by the ABC in Sydney was also cancelled after a massive backlash.

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