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Protest erupts outside controversial LGBT film night aimed at children as young as 12: ‘Destroy paedo freaks’

Protesters have disrupted a controversial far-left homosexual film event allowing free entry to children as young as 12 in Albury on the border of New South Wales and Victoria.

A large group of masked and black-clad demonstrators from a local chapter of right-wing activist group the National Socialist Network (NSN) gathered outside the town’s Regent Cinemas on Saturday night, holding a banner saying “destroy paedo freaks”.

The theatre was hosting the Albury Wondonga Pride Night, an event showing three sexualised short films which sparked anger in the community by advertising to children and hosting a Q&A session with “LGBT” speakers to “give advice and interact with teenagers”.

“Members of NSN Riverina showed up in force to oppose the degeneration of our youth,” wrote nationalist activist Tim Lutze on social media.

“As per usual, the system pets of NSW Police promptly moved in and tried to move on NSN under the guise that they didn’t have permission to protest. The police claimed the presence of NSN was offensive and the banner was a weapon.

“The government now needs you to get permission to protest (read: State-approved protests only). Whilst the Riverina chapter continues to grow rapidly, the NSW Police force and alike continue to shrink.”

The film night was hosted by left-wing non-profit Gateway Health, homosexual film group Queer Screen, and controversial NSW government-funded “HIV and LGBTQ+ health organisation” ACON.

ACON’s Community Health Director is a woman called Teddy Cook, a radical “transgender” activist who works on a World Health Organisation gender guidelines panel, is into bondage, nudism and drugs, and is at the centre of an ongoing legal battle between X and Australia’s eSafety Commissioner over a post calling her a female.

Teddy Cook Billboard Chris Julie Inman Grant
Teddy Cook (Instagram)

The event was billed as a “journey of diversity and unity” and “a night that celebrates inclusivity, understanding, and the power of community”, with adult tickets on sale for $10 and children aged 12 to 18 allowed in free with a booking code.

“Be part of the conversation during our interactive Q&A session with some of the most influential and inspiring members of the LGBTQIA+ community,” the event description said.

The three features were French homosexual love story Queen Size, American film (In)convenience about a “transitioning” woman buying tampons, and Adore, which tells the story of a “queer Peruvian-Canadian woman” who secretly gifts her young nephew Carlos a princess dress.

The protest comes amid ongoing controversy over “drag queen story hour” events where homosexuals, “transgender” individuals, and men dressed as women read sexualised stories to young kids.

An LGBT extremist group was also allowed to take part in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, a sexually explicit annual street festival, this year with a float pushing the concept of “transgender” children and accompanied by underage marchers.

The NSN in March last year held up a similar banner at a “Let Women Speak” rally in Melbourne, and outrage over their presence led to organisers and participants being accused of being “Nazis” by left-wing extremists, the corporate media and Victoria Liberals leader John Pesutto.

Albury Wodonga Pride Night

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