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Courageous councillor refuses to back down after he was attacked for saying LGBTQ+ coalition includes paedophiles

Albany Council Thomas Brough LGBT paedophile comments

A West Australian councillor has refused to back down after being attacked by homosexual groups and the national broadcaster for saying paedophiles were part of the “+” in the acronym LGBTQ+.

City of Albany councillor Dr Thomas Brough said at a council meeting on Tuesday that locals should be aware “minor-attracted persons” – a sanitised term for paedophiles used by left-wing academics – are included in the LGBTQ+ coalition.

He was then condemned by homosexual group Albany Pride who called his claims “antiquated nonsense”, and by WA Liberal leader Libby Mettam who said they were “bizarre” and “inappropriate”.

But speaking to ABC News on Wednesday night Dr Brough doubled down on his comments and said: “I just think we’re talking about a broad coalition.

“People are rightly concerned about some of the people who come into that coalition. I’m not interested in what people get up to in the bedroom — it’s none of my business.

“However, incorporation of people who are adults sexually attracted to children, minor-attracted persons, is a cause for concern if you’re adding them into a coalition.”

The ABC news report called Dr Brough’s claims “false” and “homophobic”.

However, gay rights activists and queer theory academics have long included “minor-attracted persons” in their coalition of sexual deviants, which adds the “+” symbol to the acronym LGBTQ because it is expanding too fast to include every so-called sexuality or sexual orientation.

As far back as 1974, a group of “paedophile rights” activists claimed to be an oppressed sexual minority in the UK, and lobbied for the age of consent to be abolished.

In 2015, homosexual Norwegian professor Ole Martin Moen, who is on an advisory board for a trans rights lobby group, wrote in an academic paper that paedophilia should be treated as a sexual orientation and taught in schools.

Another homosexual scholar, Allyn Walker, who claims to be “transgender”, wrote a book in 2021 titled A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and their Pursuit of Dignity, which links queer theory and paedophilia, and a PhD thesis arguing for men to be allowed to view child sex abuse material.

Noticer News contacted Dr Brough for comment.

His councillor profile lists his values as sustainability and strengthening local communities, and says he is an emergency doctor, a member of the Kalgan Bushfire Brigade, and a tree farmer.

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