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Girl, 13, is viciously bashed by 15 Sudanese teens at Melbourne school where parent says African gangs cause constant violence

A distressed parent whose child witnessed the vicious bashing of a young girl by 15 female Sudanese teenagers says African gangs carry out similar attacks at the Melbourne high school on a weekly basis.

The horrifying gang attack on the girl, who is in Year 7, took place at lunchtime on Friday at Melton Secondary College, leaving her in a serious condition in hospital.

A mother with two children at the school told 3AW the attackers were of Sudanese background, and the victim was so badly injured she was still being treated by paramedics in the playground 3 hours after the assault.

“There’s multiple gangs at the school, they would be Sudanese Australians, you would be blind not to see the issues we’ve got going on in Melton at the moment,” she said.

“There are constant bashings … all because someone may have called them a name. Every school in that area is exactly the same.

“I drop my children off in the morning to go to school and it’s a constant issue. My son’s classroom has been stormed twice this year, where students just break through the door because someone might have looked at them wrong.”

Victoria Police spoke to ten students on Friday in relation to the attack, while Ambulance Victoria confirmed the victim had been taken to Sunshine Hospital with upper body injuries in a serious but stable condition.

The notorious nearby Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton, located opposite the school, has also been plagued African gang violence.

In early April terrified families were forced to flee a food court when teenagers attacked each other with axes and machetes, and in January was put in lockdown when rival gangs fought with machetes and a butchers knife.

There were only two news reports on the horrific bashing this week, compared to dozens about a story about boys at a Melbourne private school who made a list in a chat group ranking female classmates by appearance.

The media frenzy has so far led to two boys being expelled from Yarra Valley Grammar.

Noticer News has contacted Melton Secondary College to ask if any of the 15 students involved in the bashing have been suspended or expelled.

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