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African gangs attack each other with a machete and axes in front of terrified children in a Melbourne shopping centre

Melton African gang brawl

Terrified Australian families were forced to flee a busy Melbourne shopping centre when a bloody brawl erupted between African teenagers armed with a machete and axes.

Shocking video of the mayhem shows horrifying the moment parents and children ran for their lives as the warring groups attacked each other at Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton at about 5pm on Monday.

Two axe-wielding teenagers can be seen hacking at another male swinging a machete, while others threw chairs as the fight unfolded in front of a children’s play area and KFC. The teens are believed to be members of local Sudanese gangs.

One male, 15, was taken to hospital with head injuries, and witnesses said he was “covered with blood”.

On Tuesday Victoria Police announced they had arrested two male suspects – charging a male, 16, with affray, possess prohibited weapon and being armed with criminal intent. He was refused bail in a children’s court.

The other, 15, is yet to face court and is expected to be charged with the same offences.

Locals responded to the violent scenes with anger and disgust, one saying: ” Now we aren’t safe going to the shops. Melton was a great place growing up we didn’t have the fears everyone has now.”

“Woodgrove needs a police presence for all hours that it’s open and these little turds need harsher punishments. There is zero value for human life,” another said.

“Australia has been turned into a Third World hellhole,” said an X user.

The brawl happened despite increased security at the shopping centre after homeless schizophrenic homosexual prostitute Joel Cauchi went on a stabbing rampage at Westfield Bondi Junction, killing six and wounding over a dozen.

The violence was so horrific one shopper told The Herald Sun it was a “tipping point” for him and his family.

“I’ve actually decided to live back in New Zealand. I bought a house here around the corner last year but it’s not safe,” he said.

“There’s so much violence around, I have a 10 and five-year-old, they shouldn’t be around this.

“This isn’t normal, they can’t be coming in with knives and machetes like that.”

The bloody brawl comes just weeks after a 21-year-old African man was left with horrific injuries after being attacked by a gang of five masked machete-wielding thugs outside a McDonald’s at the same suburb.

And in January Woodgrove Shopping Centre was put in lockdown after a fight broke out between rival gangs of youths armed with machetes and a butcher’s knife.

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