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African man, 21, slashed by masked gang armed with machetes in Melbourne

Melbourne Melton African machete attack

A young African man has been left with horrific injuries after being attacked by a gang of five masked thugs outside a McDonald’s in Melbourne.

Chol Yai, 21, was at a McDonald’s in Melton at about 5pm on Saturday when the gang jumped out of a black sedan armed with machetes, knives, hammers and baseball bats, police said.

“The group of them come out of the car and start chasing him across the road,” a witness told Nine News.

Yai was left bleeding in the bushes before Good Samaritans ran to his aid, and was taken to hospital with stab wounds to his head, back and arm.

He has since come out of surgery.

“They ended up wrapping a T-shirt around his arm and a strap around the top of his arm as it was quite severe,” a witness said.

The victim’s mother Teresa said Yai did not know his attackers, but police said the attack was targeted, and that Yai is not cooperating with police.

One hijab-wearing local resident said rising violence was making her want to leave the area.

“I’m not feeling safe at all, it’s like America,” she said.

In January nearby Woodgrove Shopping Centre was put in lockdown after a fight broke out between rival gangs of youths armed with machetes and a butcher’s knife.

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