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Victorian cop forced to pay gay colleague $10,000 for making a ‘homophobic’ comment – as public confidence in the force hits an all-time low

A Victorian police officer has been forced to pay a homosexual colleague $10,000 and donate $2,000 to a state government-funded “LGBTIQA+ hub” for making “degrading and homophobic” comments about a gay couple involved in a domestic violence incident.

The decision comes as public confidence in the Victoria Police is at record lows, with just 58% of residents satisfied with policing services, down from 73.1% a year ago, while the same percentage say they have confidence in the force, a fall of 17% from the 2022-23 high, according to internal polling.

The probationary constable was sacked by Victoria Police for making “offensive” remarks about the couple in front of two colleagues – a gay male and a female -but successfully appealed his dismissal before the Police Registration and Services Board (PRSB).

While the PRSB found the officer expressed “disgust and hatred towards gay men”, it deemed the dismissal overly harsh due to his young age and lack of experience, ordering him to pay his homosexual fellow-cop $10,000 compensation and donate $2,000 to the Victorian Pride Centre, the Herald Sun reported.

The officer argued his conduct was not “disgraceful”, but said he was genuinely sorry and denied being “homophobic”. The board found that both officers were distressed by his comments, with the female saying she was so upset she considered quitting her job.

Victoria Police enthusiastically pushes far-left gender ideology and homosexuality on the public, regularly posting photos of officers wearing gay symbols such as the so-called Pride flag, attending homosexual events, and raising “transgender” flags on its social media pages.

Homosexual Victoria Police
A Victoria Police officer takes a break from fighting crime to bring her child to a homosexual festival in January this year (Facebook)
Homosexual Victoria Police
Victoria Police officers take time off from arresting criminals to “celebrate” the far-left “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia” on May 17 this year (Facebook)

Earlier this year Chief Commissioner Shane Patton marched in a sexually explicit “pride” parade with homosexual officers and their children during the Midsumma festival in St Kilda, where they were pelted with paint and abused by non-White males dressed as women.

The force’s dire public confidence ratings were a result of harsh enforcement of the left-wing Labor state government’s draconian and human rights-violating Covid lockdowns and restrictions, a former chief commissioner told the Herald Sun.

“Unfortunately, what we saw through Covid and the lockdowns was many police actions being unreasonable, violent and indefensible. Victoria Police were seen as tools of the government, not independent, and that cost them dearly,” Kel Glare said.

“Officers patrolling playgrounds, moving on elderly women from park benches, a lady being chased down the road and bowled over, rubber bullets at protests … the list goes on and on.

“It concerns me greatly because for the police to serve the community, it needs the confidence of the community and when that is lost, there can be all kinds of repercussions.”

The survey results come after a judge blasted officers for using “unlawful violence” against anti-Covid tyranny protester Nick Patterson, who had all charges dropped against him as a result.

Victoria Police have also failed to make a single arrest over a series of attacks on statues of iconic White Australians in Melbourne, including one on Australia Day where the radical leftist activist group responsible openly posted footage of them destroying the monument on social media.

Nor have they made any arrests over the firebombing attack on nationalist Tim Lutze last year, while police prosecutors have dragged other right-wing activists through the courts for years on minor charges, and repeatedly violated their freedom of expression and assembly rights during lawful and peaceful public demonstrations.

At the same time, police in Melbourne have been unable to stop an African crime wave and an ongoing illegal tobacco war between Middle Eastern gangs that has resulted in dozens of firebombings and assaults across the city.

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