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The Silence of The Left

Left-liberals are mute when it comes to certain inconvenient facts

In what has sadly become a common occurrence, another Australian was needlessly killed this month – this time in an alleged home invasion gone wrong.

Dr Ash Gordon, a 33-year-old GP from Victoria, was allegedly stabbed and run over early on January the 13th in pursuit of intruders who had broken into his Melbourne home. His body was later found less than a kilometre from his front door.

Two teenagers have been arrested, with one of the pair known to police and out on bail. They have not been named due their ages.

This is all too familiar, of course.

In 2022, 16-year-old Declan Cutler was also killed in Melbourne by a gang of youths, some of whom have been jailed for murder. After stabbing Declan over 50 times and fleeing, the group returned to stomp on the dying teenager’s body and steal his shoes. A court that heard one of the teens arrested over the attack went home and did a Google search for: “Is Hell guaranteed for a Muslim who commits murder?”

Another Melbourne 16-year-old, Pa Sawm Lyhym, met a similar fate last year. Pa was allegedly stabbed to death in Sunshine in May by a 17-year-old schoolboy who was charged with murder after going on the run for 12 days and turning himself in.

And it’s not just Victoria. In September 2020, 22-year-old Claire Georgey was killed on her way home from work in Western Sydney by Mohammed Saleh. Saleh’s car careered into Claire’s Subaru Forester while going 45 kilometres over the speed limit.

In November the same year, 19-year-old Libby Ruge was killed in Wollongong by when an intoxicated 21-year-old car passenger, Arpan Sharma, pulled the handbrake causing the 19-year-old driver, Jaskaran Singh, to lose control and run into Libby on a footpath. Singh then fled the scene.

Yet what is almost as distressing as the senseless loss of life is the treatment these deaths get from the left-liberal media. Because incidents like these conflict with their utopian narrative, immigrant crime stories are ignored, censored or framed in ways that obfuscate or minimise any threat they might pose to our cosmopolitan consensus.

In the days after the death of Dr Gordon, for instance, left-wing website Crikey made no mention of the good GP. What they did publish, however, was a puff piece by Melbourne-based writer Benjamin Clark spruiking the ostensible benefits of immigration.

Among many contestable economic claims, Clark trumpeted the purported “positive effects of migration on developed economies” and instructed readers to “not be afraid to sing migration’s praises”. Clark and co. couldn’t find time to report on the savage alleged stabbing of a young doctor, but they did manage to run stories on the Liberal Party’s failure to fulfil gender quotas.

This is all part of the aforementioned pattern of course. It’s one in which certain stories are buried by the leftist media because they undermine liberal narratives about diversity and multiculturalism.

There is little mention of certain truths about our immigration system – like the astonishing crime rate of Sudanese Australians, for one. Nor is much attention paid to the fact that during the last decade we have seen an unprecedented series of terror attacks unfold while major plots have been foiled, from the Lindt Café siege in Sydney to a series of car-ramming attacks in Melbourne, almost all of which have been committed by men of Islamic faith.

Ignoring all of this is standard leftist practice. To give another example, a few years ago the liberal commentariat mocked then-Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton for stating the fact that Melbourne had a problem with African gangs, an issue acknowledged by Victoria Police and which persists to this day, as recent events confirm.

Yet we don’t need an official acknowledgment to note these dynamics. Even before Dutton’s comments, Melbourne’s most famous festival, Moomba, was already the scene of annual inter-ethnic riots between gangs of Africans, Pacific Islanders and other minority ethnic groups. Good luck finding a repeat of these stories in the liberal media these day though, or any mea culpas when the next teenager is stabbed to death.

The same is seen internationally. We need only remember the “Last Night in Sweden memes in which accusations of criminality in that country were supposedly belied by quiet Nordic towns and placid frozen lakes. The truth, however, is that the Swedish reality is much closer to the multicultural dystopia warned about by conservatives, with the country seeing a 50% increase in rapes over the past 10 years, and due to be 20-30% Muslim by the middle of the century.

Even worse examples can be found in Britain, such as that of the Rotherham grooming gangs, the biggest child protection scandal in UK history where scores of working-class English girls were raped by men of overwhelmingly South Asian origin and failed by the system on multiple levels for years on end

And like in Australia, most of this was ignored or obfuscated by a media more concerned with protecting minority groups from potential racism than informing the native British population about what was happening to their children.

Why would this occur? It’s overwhelmingly due to a toxic combination of cynicism and partisanship by the majority of the press. With religious zeal, organisations like the ABC, the Guardian, and the Nine newspapers such as The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, have positioned themselves as staunchly left-liberal and report the news accordingly – often with complete disregard for basic integrity and the truth.

They fiercely defend their allies and ideological commitments regardless of any evidence to the contrary, and most within these organisations would rather remain silent in the face of an obvious injustice than be accused of racism or be seen to be straying from the leftist party line.

Perhaps the most charitable explanation we can offer for this is the imperative of social cohesion. As the Rotherham case made clear, the British police and media knew full well the ethnic background of the perpetrators was a crucial factor in their crimes, but chose not to publicise or even act on it for fear of enflaming social tensions.

While this the prudency of this approach is debateable, at a deeper level all it did was foment apathy and dissent. When a populace is fully aware of the prevalence of certain crimes and who is committing them, yet nothing is done or can be said about it, they lose faith in their institutions and look for alternative sources of information and support. They retreat to what the American classicist Victor Davis Hanson calls their “Monasteries of the Mind“.

And this is what we’re seeing across the West. We have witnessed a decline in volunteers for the armed forces and the rise of parties such as Geert Wilders’ PVV and the AfD in Germany. It’s also happening in Australia with a drop in support for the two majors and the growth of third parties.

It also explains the return of the “far-right”. A development left-liberals are still bemused by with zero awareness that their own excesses brought these groups into being. If we had less diversity and fewer drag queen story hours, for instance, the “far-right” would not be so resurgent.

Be this as it all may, none of it bodes well for our future.

Indeed, when a doctor is murdered for his shoes by unnamed teens, and any possible links to immigration are ignored by the media, it’s reasonable to assume you’re already in a failed state.

Perhaps the only positive to come from the tragic death of Dr Gordon, then, is that it exposes the true nature of our political elite, who put their left-liberal ideology before truth and do us all a disservice.

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