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Maoris are six times more likely to commit crimes than White New Zealanders

Maori crime

Maoris are 15% of New Zealand‘s population but commit almost half of the criminal offences and are overrepresented in almost every category, police crime statistics show.

An analysis of police data from the year to January 2024 by Spider Cat NZ, verified by Noticer News, shows that those of European background committed 30.9% of the offences despite being 62% of New Zealand population, while Maoris committed 44.5%.

Maoris committed 6533.34 offences per 100,000 people, compared to 1067.54 for Europeans, 307.64 for Asians, 889.66 for Indians, and 2382.60 for Pacific Islanders.

For homicide offences the figures were 9.02 for Maoris, 6.55 for Pasifika, 2.09 for Indians, 1.49 for Asians, and 1.27 for Europeans.

Maoris were also overrepresented in sexual assault and related offences (26.6%), robbery and extortion and related offences (63.7%), burglary (54.9%), theft (57%), fraud (38%), drug offences (40.5%) and weapons offences (50.5%).

Pasifika residents were most overrepresented in robbery and drug offences, while Indians and Asians were underrepresented in all categories along with Europeans.

Maori crime


Maori crimeMaori crime Maori crime

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