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Interview of journalist turns into anti-White hatefest

Yumi Stynes Benjamin Law Sydney Morning Herald

Media Shame File

Outlet: The Sydney Morning Herald

Headline: Yumi Stynes: ‘I’m quite keen to find ways to not have my life threatened’

Summary: Barely a day goes by without the Australian media publishing something blatantly racist against White people. In today’s example, two left-wing activists who only have jobs with a public profile because they are loud and proud minorities, get together to bitch and moan about how much they hate White Australians, even though Benjamin Law has a White male sex partner, and Yumi Stynes has a White male ex-husband.

Leftist journalists love to parrot the line “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences” while gleefully cancelling anyone to the right of them, so it’s somewhat ironic that the whole aim of this interview is to give Stynes a platform to complain about the backlash she received when she insulted national hero Ben Roberts-Smith, called a fellow TV presenter racist for mentioning child sexual abuse in remote Aboriginal communities, and for writing a graphic sex book for kids.

Is she to blame in any way? Of course not. According to Stynes, she’s being picked on because she’s “small, brown and female” and “a huge swathe of the Australian population longs for things to be as they were when Australia was represented as an all-White country”, not because she’s part of a group that is replacing us, making our country worse, sexualising our children, rewriting our history, tearing down our statues, and attacking our heroes.

Key Quote: “What makes you cringe about Australia? Barnaby Joyce, and the excessive supply of stale, old White guys in politics.”

Subtext: “Criticising non-Whites is racist. White people bad”

Benjamin Law Yumi Stynes SMH

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Media Shame File

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