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Iconic actor Damien Richardson gives inspiring speech at packed Melbourne event on immigration and child grooming

Australian actor Damien Richardson has given a rousing speech in front of hundreds of people at a Melbourne event on stopping mass immigration and child sexualisation in schools.

The former Neighbours star spoke to a packed house at The Polish Club in Rowville on Wednesday night alongside freedom movement activist Nick Patterson and anti-child grooming campaigner Craig Cole.

The talk topics were “Why the government must stop mass immigration (globalism is destroying Western civilisation, diversity is not a strength)” and “Protect children (stop government indoctrination and sexualisation of children)”.

The National Workers Alliance event was originally set to be held at the Matthew Flinders Hotel in Chadstone, but that venue cancelled without explanation, causing Richardson to declare that the pub did not deserve to bear the name of the great British explorer.

Richardson began by explaining how he lost his job as an actor after expressing his political opinions, including for writing an article defending Western culture, before going on to warn that the anti-White narrative is the most important one the current regime is running.

“It’s the one they will really come after you for. They will set up places like TNT Radio for the other ones, because they’ll try and capture that part of the market they’ve lost, so if you’re outraged about the vaccine and stuff, you’ve got TNT Radio, you can go on there now,” he said.

“[But] you identify in the name of a White collective, and you are gone.”

The former actor then revealed that he was fired from a radio station for doing just that, and mentioned the case of Australian nationalist Blair Cottrell being debanked for his political views before Nigel Farage’s famous case, noting that unlike the UK politician he did not have a big enough public profile to fight it.

“We’re all cowards, we’re all cowered by the Nazi epithet being thrown,” he said.

“And therefore we have a structural inability to fight for ourselves.”

Richardson then turned to the denigration of Australian culture, and attacked on Australia Day and Anzac Day, saying the latter is the one the far-left really want to destroy.

“Because you know what those boys were fighting for? White Australia,” he said to loud cheers from the crowd.

“That’s just the reality, you can try to change history because it doesn’t suit your narrative, but that’s just the reality of it. But there was no shame in that, at that particular point in time, and now there’s shame on all of you because you’re not even allowed stand up for your culture.

“You can’t have your past, because your past is a disgrace, so therefore you can’t have your present unless you’re on your knees for it, so what future are you going to have?

“None. Absolutely none unless you get to a point in your life where you are going to fire up and fight for it, because the only way anybody ever got anything was by fighting for it.

Richardson then asked the crowd what they planned to tell their children about their choices or how they would explain them to their ancestors.

“What will you tell your forebears? How will you be remembered?” he asked.

“I want to be remembered like those Anzacs.”

“Imagine if they could see us now. Imagine the shame. What did they fight for?”

Earlier in the evening Mr Patterson opened his own speech by saying “I don’t want my children to be gay Communists” while talking about homeschooling his kids in order to prevent them being indoctrinated by Marxist ideas taught in schools.

Mr Cole then gave a talk where he went into detail about the sexualised content being taught to young children by the Australian education system.

Organiser Matt Trihey also spoke to the crowd on similar topics, and participated in a lively Q&A session that went late into the night.

In April Mr Patterson had charges against him dropped by Victoria Police after a scathing court judgement which found officers acted with “unlawful violence” when they attacked him and fellow anti-Covid tyranny protesters during Melbourne’s draconian lockdowns.

Earlier this month Richardson and Mr Patterson appeared at a rally against Australia’s new Digital ID laws, where the actor made a speech attacking immigration, multiculturalism and diversity and revealing how he has been smeared in the media for daring to speak out about the subject.

Richardson was driven out of the entertainment industry for publicly opposing Australia’s damaging Covid restrictions, and now hosts a podcast and speaks to audiences at live shows around the country, recently completing a speaking tour of Queensland.

Mass immigration event Damien Richardson Melbourne
Hundreds of people packed into the Polish Club in Rowville to hear speeches on mass immigration


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