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Aussie TV icon Damien Richardson slams Melbourne pub for cancelling talk on mass immigration and child grooming

Australian actor Damien Richardson has hit back at a Melbourne pub that cancelled an event where he was due to speak about mass immigration and child grooming, saying it had disgraced its namesake, the great British explorer Matthew Flinders.

Richardson announced last week that he would appear alongside freedom movement activist Nick Patterson and anti-child sexualisation campaigner Craig Cole at the Matthew Flinders Hotel in Chadstone on June 19, but on Sunday revealed the event had been cancelled by the venue, with no reason given.

The talk topics were “why the government must stop mass immigration (globalism is destroying Western civilisation, diversity is not a strength)” and “protect children (stop government indoctrination and sexualisation of children)”.

The former Neighbours star told Noticer News that the organiser had met with the pub’s manager twice, and had printed flyers at personal expense after being assured the event would go ahead.

“Someone higher up the globalist food chain has obviously been alerted to the danger that an honest conversation poses to their tyrannical power. Maybe we should thank that quisling for making the cancellation as the event has already received over three times the amount of reactions on social media as the initial notification,” he said.

“These globalists certainly don’t deserve to have their establishment named after the first man to circumnavigate the Australian continent.

“We are being ruled by an effete class of managerial mediocrities, scared of the rights of the Australian people to assemble in the name of their cultural integrity.”

Richardson said the event would be going ahead at a different venue, adding that “the closer you get to the target the more enemy fire you receive”.

“The enemy are those jaded vested interests trying to destroy our inalienable rights as members of a nation state. In place of truth they offer cancel culture instead,” he said.

In April Mr Patterson had charges against him dropped by Victoria Police after a scathing court judgement which found officers acted with “unlawful violence” when they attacked him and fellow anti-Covid tyranny protesters during Melbourne’s draconian lockdowns.

Earlier this month Richardson and Mr Patterson appeared at a rally against Australia’s new Digital ID laws, where the actor made a speech attacking immigration, multiculturalism and diversity and revealing how he has been smeared in the media for daring to speak out about the subject.

He was driven out of the entertainment industry for publicly opposing Australia’s damaging Covid restrictions, and now hosts a podcast and speaks to audiences at live shows around the country, recently completing a speaking tour of Queensland.

Noticer News contacted the Matthew Flinders Hotel for comment. It is owned by the ALH Hotels under the liquor and hotel company Endeavour Group, which was spun off from Woolworths in 2021. Major shareholders include billionaire pub baron Bruce Mathieson, AustralianSuper and Woolworths.

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