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Watch: Aussie TV icon Damien Richardson’s powerful anti-immigration speech at Digital ID protest in Melbourne

Damien Richardson

Australian actor Damien Richardson has made a powerful speech attacking immigration, multiculturalism and diversity, and revealed how he has been smeared in the media for daring to speak out about the subject.

The former Neighbours star took to the stage in the Melbourne CBD on Saturday at a protest against the Australian government’s Digital ID laws, which he said were a step towards “ultimate tyranny”, but unlike previous speakers highlighted mass immigration as a central issue.

“They have to change the fabric of the culture to get away with the other things they are trying to do,” he explained, to cheers from the crowd, which was largely made up of a mix of libertarians, freedom protesters and One Nation supporters.

“And they need immigration to break down the community that will stand against it, so there will be no unifed community. And the reality is, I look around here and I see a lot of heritage Australians … this group does not look like anything that I see when I walk down the streets of Melbourne on any given day.

“Why is that? Are people coming from Beijing, who have already accepted the reality that there is a social credit score and a digital currency, and they’re not going to fight against it? Or are they from Mumbai thinking the same thing? And they’re not going to stand up for values that we hold dear to our hearts?

“Because is there something fundamentally wrong at the heart of mass immigration? Of multiculturalism at all costs, and all you can see is diversity? And diversity has to be a good thing, it can never have any criticism levelled at it, because any criticism levelled at it makes you akin to being Adolf Hitler?”

Richardson then explained that when he went to Traralgon in eastern Victoria in August last year to speak at an event about the closure of the native timber industry and its impact on White working class Australians, he was smeared in the corporate press.

“I looked out at a sea of White faces, having their industry taken away from them and no ability to defend themselves, because they cannot identify in their collective name, because if they do identify in their collective name they are totally dismissed from polite society,” he said.

“So I had the audacity in my speech to talk to them as a collective of White men in particular that were being attacked, and their White families as a result that would not be able to inhabit that community anymore because they would have no jobs to go to.

“And The Age trawled my page, they asked me for comment, and then they wrote an article when I gave them no comment, the article they would have written if I had given them comment anyway, which stated that I was basically the next Adolf Hitler.”

Richardson went on to say the parliamentarians who clapped and cheers abandoned him after the article was printed.

“They are scared of giving me, and people like me, any political representation, because they know it’s death to their career,” he said, to loud applause from the crowd.

“And these are the people we’re meant to champion as being part of the alternative right as far as the parliamentary process is concerned. Because they know full well that the parliamentary process has been cucked, has been cucked since the loss of the Second World War for the Germans, basically.

“Because now they use that same narrative against us. Because what happened last time someone spoke in the collective identity of a group of people that have my skin’s pigmentation? Therefore, ergo, it’s the same thing again.

“And the media is complicit in that weaponisation.”

Richardson then said that elected politicians all know that if they step outside of the Overton Window, that careerists in their own parties will use it to get rid of them.

“So we get another cuck in the parliament that cannot represent your, the people’s, collective interest.”

Richardson then turned his attention to controversial eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, asking: “Where did she spring from? Who is she? Why does she have control in the parliamentary process?”

“And why were they so concerned about what happened to the priest, Mar Mari? Because he has no friends, he has no political friends because he called out the Covid agenda, he’s called out Islam, and he’s called out Zionism.

“And I must say I have absolute respect for the faith of the man, who goes back to the word that he obviously finds contained in the Gospel for him, to give him the strength and the courage to stand up for truth.

“And that’s why they don’t want you seeing that video, because they don’t want you getting ideas, ideas on why there might be some reasonable criticism of mass immigration.”

He also slammed Katy Gallagher’s move to “diversify” the Australian public service with racial quotas, asking: “Who are these people who can make their money as parasites off the legacy of what my forebears did to create this country in the first place?”

“What the Digital ID is about, ultimately, it’s about constricting your freedom of speech, so you know your freedom of speech is constricted, so whilst you might have these thoughts in the privacy of your own home and amongst your loved ones, you will never dare utter them in a public arena,” he said.

“Well, I implore you people to find your courage, and stand up.”

Richardson was driven out of the entertainment industry after speaking out about Australia’s draconian and damaging Covid restrictions, and now hosts a podcast and speaks to audiences at live shows around the country.

He told Noticer News he would expand on some of the themes from his Digital ID rally speech during an upcoming speaking tour of Queensland, starting in Cairns this Saturday.

The event is titled “Reconstructing Reality: media manipulation in the modern era”.

Damien Richardson’s full speech can be seen below, starting at 1hr 25 minute mark:

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