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Controversial far-left ‘LGBTQ+ health’ group which refuses to use the ‘woman’ gets $3.3 million funding boost

A controversial “LGBTQ+ health” organisation has been given an additional $3.3 million dollars in federal government funding despite refusing to use the word “woman” and using the term “front hole” as an alternative for “vagina”.

The group, ACON, also receives NSW government funding and recently co-hosted a homosexual film night aimed at children as young as 12 in the country town of Albury on the Victorian border, sparking anger from locals and a large protest by nationalist activists.

ACON’s Community Health Director is a woman called Teddy Cook, a radical “transgender” activist who works on a World Health Organisation gender guidelines panel, is into bondage, nudism and drugs, and is at the centre of an ongoing legal battle between X and Australia’s eSafety Commissioner over a post calling her a female.

A video produced by the group for NSW Health in 2023 about self-testing in cervical screening does not use the word “woman”, and ACON uses the term “people with a cervix” in its campaign.

“If you have a cervix, the test can save your life,” states an actor in one clip, while in another the narrator says “collect a sample from your vagina or front hole”.

Teddy Cook Billboard Chris Julie Inman Grant
ACON Community Health Director Teddy Cook (Instagram)

Liberal Senator Claire Chandler told Sky News: “Questions need to be asked about why the government is paying taxpayer money hand-over-fist to this organisation to push their radical ideology that, quite frankly, is insulting to women and wildly out of step with what Australians would expect from our federal departments, particularly our federal health departments.

“That is really confusing and really inaccurate in circumstances where biological sex does, in many cases like cervical cancer, relate to one sex over the other.

“It’s really disappointing to see the federal government choosing to give money to a group that it knows is erasing what it means to be a woman.”

Former Liberal party candidate Katherine Deves shared one of the ACON-produced videos on X and slamming the ideology behind it.

“Women are the sole target audience for cervical health,” she wrote.

“Women with low literacy, low health literacy or English second language are excluded when saying “front holes” and a male presenting person refers to “our” anatomy.”

Another video produced by ACON talks about the sexually transmitted disease HIV and features an obese actress going into graphic detail about various types of deviant sexual activities, at one point calling intercourse “front hole sex”.

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