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Woke Woolworths won’t sell iconic RSL Anzac biscuit tins this year – after trying to cancel Australia Day

RSL Anzac biscuit tins

Supermarket giant Woolworths will not stock commemorative Anzac Day biscuit tins this year, just months after refusing to sell Australia Day merchandise.

RSL Australia revealed the move earlier this month while announcing the release of their special limited edition tins with four different designs – World War One – HMAS Sydney, Women in WW2, Australian Peacekeepers, and The Korean War.

“Each year, the RSL creates special limited-edition Anzac biscuit tins with unique designs that are available in participating Coles, Aldi’s, Australia Post, and independent stores,” the RSL said.

“Please note that Woolworths will not be stocking the limited-edition tins this year.

“RSL supporters collect the tins, and some of the profit is donated back to the RSL to fund our work supporting the well-being of veterans and their families.”

The RSL Anzac biscuits will be available in store by April 1.

Woolworths, which is 88% foreign owned and increased its supermarket earnings by 20% in the last financial year, came under fire in January after announcing it would not sell Australia-themed items for January 26.

CEO Brad Banducci attempted to defend the decision by denying the company was “cancelling” Australia Day, even though it admitted selling merchandise for foreign festivals like Diwali and Lunar New Year.

Less than a month later Mr Banducci announced his resignation effective in September. It came after he was grilled on ABC’s 4Corners over Woolworths’ market power and record profits amid an immigration-fuelled cost-of-living crisis.

Noticer News contacted Woolworths and RSL Australia for comment.

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