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Watch: Police ban White Australians from attending Australia Day rallies in Sydney

NSW Police have banned a group of Australian patriots from attending Australia Day rallies in Sydney where thousands of anti-Australia Indigenous activists and pro-Palestine demonstrators have been allowed to gather freely to call for the abolition of the country.

Nationalist Socialist Network leader Thomas Sewell, who described his group as “proud White Australians” said he and his Melbourne-based group were given a move on direction and told they would be arrested if they attended any Australia rally, because of who they are.

Speaking to a Channel Nine reporter Sewell said: “Obviously Australia Day is under attack, it’s under pretty serious attack at the moment by all institutions, media, government, education, and as proud White Australians we want to celebrate this day.

“But the police have come down to the station and detained us while we were in transit, legally and peacefully demonstrating what we see as our right to celebrate Australia Day as free White Australians.”

A NSW Police Riot squad inspector read the order to Sewell in North Sydney, after moving the group on from the Sydney CBD area on Friday morning, saying he believed the group’s presence posed a “serious risk to public safety”.

Thomas Sewell speaking to a Channel Nine reporter after being banned from attending Australia Day events in Sydney

“This is based on your ideological links, including your associates, your previous attendance at ideologically motivated public order incidents, your criminal history assaulting members of the public, and your goal of intimidating and provoking people,” he read.

“You must remain out of the Sydney City local government area or any Australia Day event planned for January 2024 until 23:59 hours today.”

When asked by Sewell what specific events his group should avoid, the inspector replied “anything Australia Day themed”.

Another member of the group, Jacob Hersant, wrote on social media: “Australia’s repressive state is making politics impossible for everyone other than astro-turfed anti-White leftists.”

The ban came as a large “invasion day” rally was allowed to go ahead in Sydney’s CBD where anti-Australian protesters held signs demanding land be confiscated and given to Aboriginal groups, and demonstrators in Muslim headscarves waved Palestinian flags.

In Melbourne a similar rally was dominated by a coalition of various left wing extremist groups, with protesters waving more Palestinian, “pride” and “transgender” flags than Aboriginal ones.

In Canberra protesters broke through police lines outside Parliament House chanting “Fuck Australia” and the entrance to the building was locked down. No arrests were made.

Just a day earlier a Captain Cook statue was destroyed by far left extremists in St Kilda, and no arrests have been made despite an activist group publicly claiming responsibility.

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