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Trump disavows Project 2025 transition plan

Former President Donald Trump is fully distancing himself from Project 2025, a controversial Heritage Foundation plan to overhaul the federal government if he returns to office.

  • Despite this, former President Trump came out to distance himself from Project 2025, stating on social media that he “knows nothing” about the plan while calling some of its policy proposals “ridiculous and abysmal.”
  • Shortly after the hard disavowal, an official Trump advisor clarified to Semaphore that the team would not hire anyone tied to the project. “If you’re an organization that is purporting to be pushing ‘Trump policies,’ it’s probably the last organization that we’ll take references from for personnel,” they said.

Zooming in: The hard pivot away from the “LinkedIn for Conservatives” follows statements made by one of its key architects.

  • Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts suggested a “second American Revolution” that would “remain bloodless if the left allows it to be” on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. He implied that Project 2025 was “in the process of taking this country back.”
  • The Conservative-led initiative has since become a focal point of attack for the Biden campaign. It accuses Trump and his allies of “dreaming of a violent revolution.” It also asserts that Trump could use it to “gut democratic checks and balances and consolidate power in the Oval Office if he wins.”
  • The Biden campaign is aggressively leveraging the Project 2025 boogeyman in order to galvanize support, especially after Biden’s recent debate performance. Left-wing social media platforms, such as Reddit, are already being astroturfed with anti-Project 2025 propaganda aimed at boosting Biden’s profile before Election Day.

The conversation: Trump’s statements about Project 2025 have drawn criticism from some of his most influential cheerleaders, who view it as a sign of weakness and evidence of the Israel lobby’s influence on American politics.

  • “Trump’s disavowal of Project 2025 is the latest and most undeniable proof that the second term will be plagued by the same personnel problems as the first. P2025 has been attacked by the media because it is actually Right Wing, and Trump folded,” said America First influencer Nicholas Fuentes on X/Twitter.
  • “I have been sounding the alarm about Trump’s assimilation into the establishment for some time now… people told me “but Project 2025!” Lol. What’s the cope now? Face the reality: Trump24 is controlled by billionaires and will be staffed by the worst personnel imaginable,” he continued.
  • “Bill Ackman – not the Heritage Foundation – will be staffing Trump’s administration,” asserted journalist Chris Menahan of InformationLiberation.

Background: Some of Project 2025’s key points include…

  • Outlining plans to expand presidential power.
  • Fire up to 50,000 government workers, replacing them with conservatives and Trump loyalists.
  • Help implement the largest deportation operation in U.S. history.
  • Work to impose tariffs on potentially all imports.

Why it’s important: The Trump campaign’s firm rebuke of right-wing policies like those proposed in Project 2025 further cements a growing belief that Trump will be a convenient tool of Zionism and Israel if he were to be elected a second term.

This article originally appeared on the Justice Report and is republished by The Noticer with permission

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