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Australian Nationalist leader describes how shutting White men out of civic duty turns them into right-wing revolutionaries

A prominent Australian Nationalist has explained how discriminating against White men and shutting them of out of civic duty is causing them to become right-wing revolutionaries instead.
Thomas Sewell, leader of the European Australian Movement, opened up on his own political journey in an interview with American media personality Elijah Schaffer on an episode of his show, Slightly Offensive.
The interview was recorded in Australia last month but only released this week due to Schaffer’s concerns he would be harassed by the authorities if he was still in the country when it came out.

“Thomas Sewell is the most targeted and politically persecuted man in Australia because of his political views. Interviewing him was so risky I was unable to release this episode while living in Australia and had to wait to publish it once I got back to the United States,” Schaffer wrote in the video description.

Mr Sewell said that after leaving the army due to disillusionment with systemic ideological corruption within the Australian Defence Force he was then stopped from becoming a firefighter due to diversity equity and inclusion hiring policies, and finally fired from his job helping vulnerable children due to his political opinions.

“The government talks about radicalisation, they say it’s a plague, it’s contagious to young White men, and that these disaffected young White men are recruiting each other for extremist causes, and it’s horrible,” Mr Sewell said.

“But what no-one’s listening to is that we’re not ‘disaffected’ White men, we’re ‘affected’ White men. You cannot discriminate against loving, caring, civic-minded, polite young White men and we’re not going to get a little bit angry.

“And I am treated like a monster by the system, like I’m the most evil man since Adolf Hitler to walk the earth, here in Australia at least, and I’m ‘so full of hate’, and it’s so hard to not be full of hate when you’re hated to such an extent. And that’s what nobody sees.

“They don’t see the fact that all we wanted to do was just be left alone, to work our jobs, to pay our tax, to operate and politically mobilise within the liberal democracy that we were promised, that was the social contract, and you’ll find when you start uncovering the rest of my story that I start to politically mobilise, and then they start escalating, they start turning up the heat and the tyranny starts exposing itself.”

Mr Sewell said that as a result nationalists in Australia had been in a constant battle to keep their political energy alive, because from the beginning they have been forced to struggle to make a living.

“Just to get a job we’ve got to jump through all these extra loopholes because the evening and balancing practice of ‘equality’ is to disadvantage the White men, to remove White men from power, so it’s not a meritocracy,” he said.

Later in the interview Mr Sewell explained his confusion when he first came to the attention of the police and the intelligence agencies as a result of taking part in anti-Islam activism in the early 2010s.

“The police started knocking on our doors, but not just regular police, they were from the counter-terrorism department. That’s odd, because we were rallying against terrorism, so when the counter-terrorism department starts knocking on your door, you’re just like, ‘how can I help? We’re also against terrorism, we don’t want White people getting their heads chopped off by Muslims in the street, how can we help?'” he said.

“But they weren’t there to help, they weren’t there to assist us in our political adventures, or even be neutral in our political adventures. In fact, the counter-terrorism police was the anti-White police, they were the political police.

“And we were the ‘terrorists’ because we were ‘harming the harmony of liberal democracy’ by suggesting the idea that if we want to save or defend liberal democracy we probably shouldn’t have a fifth column growing in our nation that’s actively and openly working to undermine our race, identity, culture, laws.”

Mr Sewell said that after that he started getting calls from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), his bank account was shut down, and he was dismissed from his job caring for orphans for a charity, working with high-risk youth who were taking drugs or homeless.

“I worked in a home that helped look after these kids and I started getting a lot of issues at work, I started getting called into meetings. ‘There’s been an anonymous tip-off’ that I’m actually a racist and that I’m grooming children that I’m looking after to participate in racism,” he said.

“I said ‘that’s not true at all, I am involved in politics outside of work as we live in a liberal democracy, you’re allowed to do that, and I’m very neutral with the children’.

“They ended up firing me, because I was going to these rallies. I was actually fired specifically for attending the Australia Flag Pride March. I attended that rally, and I was photographed at that rally, and an anonymous tip-off caused my employer to fire me for attending this rally.”

Mr Sewell said he then took the charity to the Fair Work Commission and won his case, but his employer simply paid him out.

“So, I couldn’t be a soldier, I couldn’t be a firefighter, I couldn’t even look after orphans. I wasn’t allowed to. I’m a ‘danger to society’, how dare I be a role model for these young men who are being groomed by paedophiles?

“These young men were being given iPhones for butt sex by Pakistani rapist gangs. But I’m the problem. And so, I thought, ‘maybe Hitler was right’.

“I just got to the sort of point where I thought ‘why am I playing this liberal democracy game? This is a fucking tyranny. I’m trying so hard to just be fair, and reasonable, and polite, and play the game’. My father told me ‘just play the game’ … and I tried, and I grew tired, and I couldn’t do it anymore, so I just started speaking the truth.”

Mr Sewell said that after that the situation worsened still, and he ended up being physically attacked by far-left extremists who knew his address, culminating in an Antifa ambush which resulted in him spending seven months in solitary confinement in jail before trial and dragged through the courts for three years.

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