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Muslim voting bloc announces plans to defeat Labor in seats with large Islamic populations

A Muslim political group will attempt to unseat Labor MPs in electorates with large Islamic populations at the next election due to dissatisfaction with the Australian government’s positions on the war in Gaza.

The Muslim Vote told ABC News that it was established in order to “mobilise the Muslim community to vote as a bloc in the next federal election, predominantly on the issue of justice in Palestine”.

It has a list of seats it plans target on its website, which emphasises “justice for Palestine”.

“The next Federal election signals a shift. We will no longer accept being taken for granted. Australian Muslims are a powerful, united force of nearly 1 million acting in unison,” the website says.

“The Muslim Vote alone is capable of forcing the current government into minority government. In 2024, we are focused on federal seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome.”

A table of federal seats notes the Muslim population percentage, and the record of each sitting Labor MP on Israel and Palestine-related issues.

For Blaxland in western Sydney, which was 31.7% Muslim at the time of the 2021 Census, The Muslim Vote labels Labor MP Jason Clare’s position as “strong solidarity with Israel, mostly silent on Palestine, weak on Palestine, rejected ceasefire motion 16th Oct”.

Other electorates being targeted by the group include Watson, MacMahon, Parramatta and Macarthur, also in western Sydney, which are 25.1%, 13.8%, 10.5% and 9.8% Muslim respectively, and 24 other seats around the country.

Harry Richardson, president of Anglo-Celtic advocacy group The British Australian community, told Noticer News the move highlighted the dangers mass immigration and multiculturalism posed to Australia.

“This is further proof that a healthy and functional democracy can only exist in a relatively homogenous society. Mass immigration and multi-culturalism combine to create large ethnic and/or religious voting blocs which are inclined to vote in their own interests,” he said.

“What people have failed to realise is that each migrant receives political power in the form of a vote. Successful democracies are particularly vulnerable to poorer nations with populations which dwarf their own.

“If enough migrants enter the nation, they can vote the original citizens out of power in a kind of bloodless coup. Muslims voting en masse for Palestine is likely to be followed by Muslims voting for more Islamic immigration. The end result will be the end of Australia if it isn’t strongly opposed.”

A spokesperson for the political group also told the national broadcaster it was open to working with rogue Afghan-born Labor senator Fatima Payman.

The hijab-wearing senator was suspended from the Labor caucus on Sunday after deviating from the parliamentary party’s position on Gaza to vote for a Greens motion on Palestinian recognition.

“The Muslim Vote absolutely supports her and the Muslim community absolutely supports her,” the spokesperson said.

The Muslim Vote claims to have 2,000 volunteers, is collecting donations, and is taking applications for candidates.

Fatima Payman (Facebook)

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