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Asian immigrant who runs diversity consultancy says companies need more diversity


Outlet: The Australian

Headline: Backsliding and the lip service paid to diversity in corporate Australia

Summary: The Australian is supposed to be the conservative flagship national broadsheet of the evil right-wing Murdoch media empire, but, as this piece shows, it’s barely centrist these days and is often indistinguishable from The Guardian.

“Senior writer” Glenda Korporaal is the hack responsible for this vomit-inducing article about a professional diversity hire-pusher who says companies need more diversity. What’s next in The Australian Business Review, big pharma rep says people should take more antidepressants?

No mention, of of course, of recent research showing that diversity isn’t actually good for business, or balance explaining why the backlash against DEI in the US is happening and might actually be a good thing.

No, instead we get a gushing puff piece about Asian girlboss Sarah Liu (a “Taiwanese-born Australian who was educated in New Zealand and at the University of Tokyo” ie. not Australian at all) who makes a living telling companies to hire fewer White males and is now worried that because White males are pushing back that she might not be able to make so much money discriminating against them.

Ms Diversity also informs us that some bosses just pretend to be “inclusive” but secretly want to keep on hiring good workers who they have something in common with. You can tell she wishes she could subject them all to a Cultural Revolution-style struggle session.

Most telling of all is the key quote below, a perfect example of mass immigration logic:

First you open the borders despite public opposition, and then when people start complaining you say “they’re already here, now YOU have to adjust”, and every year the percentage of foreigners gets higher and higher and the more immigration and multiculturalism you can justify.

Shameful propaganda from The Australian, but luckily their readers aren’t buying it.

Top comments? “I’d prefer less diversity and inclusion and more competence. Competence wins and by a long, long margin” and “So summing up; she’s worried her business model is rapidly becoming obsolete and she is lacking opportunities once again. Got it.”

Key quote: “A third of our population were born outside of Australia. Diversity is in the DNA of Australia”

Subtext: “White man bad, diversity good”

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