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Sam Kerr’s anti-White racism defended by the political elite, the media and the far left because she’s a brown lesbian

Sam Kerr anti-White racism

Major Australian political figures and the corporate media have joined left-wing extremists in defending soccer player Sam Kerr after she allegedly racially harassed a London police officer, with some dismissing anti-White racism entirely.

Kerr, who is a homosexual with an half-Indian father, was charged after allegedly calling the policeman a “stupid White bastard” during a dispute over a taxi fare during a boozy night out in January last year. She entered a not guilty plea on Monday.

But Kerr has not been stood down or lost any sponsorships. The manager of her club, Chelsea, said she has their “full support”, and she has been backed by political figures, written about favourably in multiple media columns, and feted by far-left commentators.

Australia’s new Race Discrimination Commissioner Giridharan Sivaraman declined to comment and has not condemned the Australian captain.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said he did not believe it was racist to call a White policeman a “stupid White bastard”, and his Health Minister Ryan Clark spoke out to say he agreed.

Indigenous independent former Greens senator Lidia Thorpe went a step further, writing on X: “Replace all statues of captain cook with statues of Sam Kerr, our one true captain”, despite the fact that Kerr’s alleged victim was an indigenous Briton.

Victoria University professor and “far-right extremism expert” Mario Peucker agreed with Mr Minns that Kerr’s alleged comment was not racist.

“Racism, in its briefest form, is prejudice plus institutional power,” Mr Peucker told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s very hard to communicate the complexity of systemic racism. She did [allegedly] call him a ‘stupid white bastard’ – so isn’t that wrong? Yes, that is wrong. She shouldn’t have done this. But it’s not what the term racism covers. It’s more than just this simplistic and trivialised idea that racism is just bad behaviour.”

Sports “diversity expert” Rana Hussein told the same publication that Kerr was under harsher scrutiny than she would be if she was a man.

Elsewhere in the corporate media Kerr has been defended by several columnists, including sports presenter Lucy Zelic, whose piece was headlined: “If Sam Kerr was a straight, white housewife, would she stand accused of racism?”

“Where a black and white argument starts to become grey is whether or not the alleged remark amounts to a form of racism,” she wrote.

“We know little of the detail but we know this much: a white, male police officer is accusing a lesbian, female footballer of Indian heritage of racism.”

Feminist academic Jenna Price, a proudly Jewish journalist who writes regular opinion pieces and articles for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times and The Conversation, weighed in with a column in The Canberra Times titled:

The goal of racial abuse laws isn’t protecting stupid white bastards

“How is calling a White officer White racial harassment?” she asked, before going on to say she’d “struggle to use the word white to describe a race”.

She went to to quote Ruby Hamad, author of anti-White book White Tears, Brown Scars: “Laws about racial harassment and abuse are meant to try and protect racial minorities, people who have been historically discriminated against and severely disadvantaged.

“Using them in contexts such as this presents a false image that race is now a level playing field. Ultimately, this means that these laws will simply become another avenue to maintain the status quo, not challenge it.”

Australian soccer reporter Samantha Lewis responded to the charges with a meme captioned: “All of us watching the livestream of this four-day trial waiting for the police to explain how a woman of colour can be racist towards a white person”.

Satirical mainstream media outlets, all of which are left-wing and have wealthy funders, also joined the pile-on, with headlines like “Sam Kerr Expresses Regret at Calling English Cop ‘Bastard’ Rather Than ‘C*nt’”

Left-wing extremists on social media went further still, celebrating Kerr’s alleged comments and congratulating her for them, with memes such as this one:

“I hope Sam Kerr’s big defense at trial is that she has a White fiancée and White friends from soccer,” read one X post that went viral in far-left circles.

“What is the charge? Enjoying a slur? A succulent anti-White slur?” said another.

“I don’t think it’s double standards to find Sam Kerr’s alleged slur at a white man funny. It’s just not the same. Whites haven’t had generations of inequality and appalling treatment. (I may regret this tweet but I don’t care),” an X user said.

Daniel Levy wrote: “I can’t believe they charged Sam Kerr with being a FUCKEN LEGEND.”

Mark Latham originally responded to Kerr’s comments by saying “The world has gone crazy with language policing, and Sam Kerr is the latest victim. Does ‘stupid White bastard’ really deserve a two year wait for a criminal trial in London? Surely a fine would suffice.”

But after Mr Minn’s comments he said: “Chris Minns has said it’s not racist to disparage the skin colour of a white person.
He’s in line with the loopy NSW Parliament policy that white people cannot be victims of harassment.

“No wonder anti-white racism is building resentment among commonsense people.”

Anglo-Celtic advocacy group the British Australian Community said: “Racial vilification, Whites need not apply.

“It’s important to remember, if you are White you are not only free to be vilified, but your vilification will often be applauded, laughed at and not taken seriously. Do not expect a special protected victim status when you find yourself in the minority.

“Often these same people who cry evil racism at the slightest sniff of injustice or prejudice, are the first to dismiss these claims when those affected are White.

“While we at the BAC understand the importance of free speech, two tiered policing regarding racial matters is completely unacceptable, especially in the countries founded by those vilified.”

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