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Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau arrested over 2017 Charlottesville rally

Thomas Rousseau Patriot Front arrest Charlottesville

The leader of nationalist activist group Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau, has been arrested in Texas.

Mr Rousseau was arrested on February 23 on a felony warrant out of Charlottesville, Virginia, the group revealed on its Telegram channel.

He was charged with “burn object with intent to intimidate” relating to the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

“The arrest comes after a nearly 7-year witch hunt by politically motivated prosecutors,” Patriot Front wrote.

“This is the burden that American patriots must bear. Patriot Front will continue to organize and work in the nation’s cause unimpeded.”

The arrest came a day after right-wing activist Robert Rundo was re-arrested on charges relating to alleged incidents in 2017 immediately after being released.

A district court judge dismissed charges against Mr Rundo, 33, on Wednesday after determining federal prosecutors engaged in “selective prosecution” and he was released, but the next day 9th Circuit of Appeals judges filed an emergency appeal for a new arrest warrant.

Mr Rundo had been behind bars since his arrest in Romania and extradition in August 2023.

Thomas Rousseau Patriot Front arrest Charlottesville
(Patriot Front)
Robert Rundo Rise Above Movement Active Club
(Robert Rundo)

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