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Cowardly netball team throws star player under the bus for comments on fake “transgender” day

Samantha Wallace-Joseph transgender day of visibility

An Australian netball team has rushed to distance itself from one of its star players after she dared to criticise the so-called “transgender day of visibility”

Samantha Wallace-Joseph, who is from Trinidad and Tobago but plays for the NSW Swifts, responded to a story about US President Joe Biden celebrating the LGBT day on Easter Sunday by saying: “The disrespect is crazy. Don’t play with GOD.”

As a result Wallace-Joseph was attacked by far-left extremists on social media, but rather than defend her, her team responded with a statement distancing themselves from the comments.

“The NSW Swifts are aware of a social media post by Samantha Wallace-Joseph earlier today which has caused understandable hurt to members of the transgender community,” the statement read.

“The views expressed in the post are not shared by the Club.

“The Club spoke with Samantha raising its concerns. It is important to note that Samantha listened and will meet with the Club tomorrow.

“As a Club we remain committed to ongoing education of issues of social importance and commentary.

“Many members of our family, both directly within the Club and in the stands, identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ community. The NSW Swifts Club will always be their allies.”

The statement did not specify which members of the “transgender community” were hurt by the post, or how the hurt was supposed to have occurred.

Mr Biden was hit with a torrent of criticism for his statement which said “I … hereby proclaim March, 31, 2024, Transgender Day of Visibility”, but later said “I didn’t do that” in response to Speaker Mike Johnson calling the move “outrageous and abhorrent”.

The so-called “transgender day of visibility” was also celebrated in Australia by radical left politicians like Asian lesbian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, who was slammed for posting about it on Easter Sunday.

“This country was founded by Christians, the Labor party was founded by Christians – Christians celebrate Easter, not transgenderism,” one Australian wrote.

“This is why, as a lifelong Labor voter, I’ll happily see you go next election,” said another.

“You have betrayed women in the most horrible of ways, by erasing their legal identity and rights, shoving compelled speech down our throats and using the eSafety Commissioner to persecute wrongthink.”

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