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New Zealand nationalist party lodges bill to fine people who use bathrooms designated for the opposite sex

A nationalist populist party which makes up part of New Zealand‘s coalition government has lodged a bill aiming to protect women’s spaces by banning biological males from entering female bathroom facilities.

New Zealand First on Friday introduced their Fair Access to Bathrooms Bill requiring all publicly accessible buildings to provide “seperate, clearly demarcated unisex and single sex bathrooms”, with fines for anyone who uses a facility designated for the opposite sex.

“We have seen a similar move in the United Kingdom this month, with building regulations due to change later this year, making it compulsory to provide separate facilities for men and women for all new restaurants, bars, offices and shopping centres,” New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters said.

“New Zealand First campaigned to defend the right to privacy, personal safety, and freedom from harm for all New Zealanders, and this Bill demonstrates a much-needed commonsense solution to an issue that has often been overshadowed by ideology.”

Mr Peters said the bill would put an end to “mixed-sex toilet spaces” and said a silent majority backed the legislation.

“This Bill will ensure that every individual has fair access to safe public bathroom facilities. Every New Zealander is entitled to feel safe and have privacy in these public spaces,” he said.

NZ First said in its policy annoncement: “This entire debate is about finding the balance between fair inclusion and fairness for all.

“The minority liberal elite are trying to decide for all New Zealanders that the removal of women’s safety, privacy, and freedoms is an expected sacrifice for the elite’s woke ideological and social crusade.”

Far-left transgender extremists claim males who pretend to be females should be allowed in toilets and changerooms for women and girls, while opponents say such men are dangerous and believe women’s spaces should be for the exclusive use of women.

The Women’s Rights Party NZ described the bill as “refreshing common sense and support for women and girls”.

NZ First candidate for Hutt Lee Donoghue was quizzed about the bill on TV, with a female commentator asking how it would be enforced at schools and whether there would be “genital checks at the door”.

“What a stupid question,” he responded.

“That’s ridiculous, and making a mockery out of this and women’s spaces is just uncalled for. And the pendulum’s gone so far to the radical left you think this is normal, it’s not normal. All we’re doing is sticking up for women.”

Labour leader Chris Hipkins responded to the bill by calling Mr Peters homophobic and transphobic, while a Greens Party LGBT spokesperson accused the NZ First leader of “undermining the mana of rainbow people, who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity”.

Mr Hipkins became a global laughing stock last year after being unable to define the word “woman” when asked to do so during a news conference.

New Zealand has witnessed significant pushback against radical leftist gender ideology in recent months, with Christian activists mobilising to paint over rainbow crossings and protest “drag queen story hour” events that sexualise children.

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