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Only 17% want to change the date of Australia Day and most Aussies are proud of their country and history, poll shows

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Only a small minority of Australians supporting changing the date of Australia Day, while most are proud of their country and history, a new poll has shown.

The survey from the Institute of Public Affairs and published in The Daily Telegraph revealed just 17% disagree that Australia Day should be celebrated on January 26. 63% agreed, while 20% did not have an opinion. In 2023, the figures were 62% and 21%.

Support for changing the date was strongest in the 18-24 age bracket, where 42% agreed it should not be moved, while majorities in every other age group were in favour of keeping the date.

87% of respondents said they were proud to be Australian, and 69% said Australian history was something to be proud of.

The survey comes after controversy over a decision by Woolworths and Aldi not to sell Australia-themed merchandise in 2024, and calls for a boycott led by Opposition leader Peter Dutton.

More than 80 local councils around Australia have also moved citizenship ceremonies away from January 26.

IPA deputy executive director Daniel Wild said: “It is concerning just 42% of those aged 18-24 support Australia Day on January 26,.

“This is a direct result of relentless indoctrination taking place at schools and universities, [however] a strong majority of younger Australians beyond the years of formal education support our national day,” he said.

“You can hardly blame young Australians for having a negative view of their country given they are continually told it is not worth celebrating or fighting for.”


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