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Furious Aussie kicks naked African man off a Melbourne tram: ‘Get off now, faggot’

A naked African man has been kicked off a Melbourne tram by a fed-up Australian passenger.

Footage of the incident emerged on social media on Sunday, showing a male of African appearance who is nude except for a cap standing near one of the doors.

In one clip the conductor can be heard saying through the loudspeaker “you need to get off, you’re not allowed to be naked in a tram, please”, before a loud voice yells in the background: “Get the fuck off this tram, faggot”.


A second video of the incident shows another passenger telling the naked immigrant, “there’s kids, it’s very wrong bro, you’ve gotta go see a psychiatrist or something, bro”, as the doors open, before adding “get off, bro”.

Then the same loud voice can be heard again shouting “Get the fuck off now, faggot, I’m coming for you, I’m coming for you”.

A large man with a white beard appears and forces the African off the tram.

“Bro, thanks for that,” says the other man.

It is unclear when the confrontation took place.

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