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Left wing extremists behead statue of King George V in Melbourne – no arrests made

Radical leftists have desecrated a statue of King George V in Melbourne, but no arrests have been made despite video of the incident being posted on social media.

Anti-Australian activist group Whistleblowers, Activists & Communities Alliance (WACA) shared a video of the statue in Kings Domain being beheaded, splashed with red paint and graffitied with the slogan “the colony will fall” by masked extremists in the early hours of the King’s Birthday holiday on Monday.

That same slogan was painted on a statue of Captain Cook in St Kilda on Australia Day, near another Captain Cook statue which was destroyed in Fitzroy Gardens in February, and on the Canberra Vietnam War Memorial in March.

Victoria Police are yet to arrest or charge anyone over any of the attacks, even though left-wing activists have brazenly posted videos on social media in the aftermath of each incident.

On Monday WACA wrote “We’ve been sent a birthday greeting for his majesty. Happy birthday mofo!” along with pro-Palestine slogans, and later shared an image of a media article about the incident saying of the “colony will fall” slogan: “Yes it will”. The same account regularly celebrates left-wing activist vandalism.

Their video of the incident showed activists cutting off the head with a saw, splashing the plinth with red paint, and then spraying the seditious slogan over the top, and ends with a photo of the head on the ground captioned “Happy birthday motherfucker”.

After the Australia Day attack the militant Wage Peace Disrupt War group shared video of activisits using angle grinders and a rope to pull down the bronze statue of the British explorer who discovered Australia.

Wage Peace Disrupt War describe themselves as a “peaceful” anti-war group, and according to their website do not recognise Australian sovereignty, want to disarm the police and seek “climate justice”.

After the Fitzroy Gardens statue was vandalised, video of the incident was posted on social media by the Civil Resistance Youth Movement (CRYM), who describe themselves as a “queer youth resistance community fighting oppressive systems” and regularly share posts by WACA.

Victoria Police have also failed to make any arrests over the terrorist firebombing of nationalist activist Tim Lutze’s car late last year.

Noticer News contacted Victoria Police for comment.

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